Handwritten Cards...on Auto-Pilot!

How do you say "Thank You" to your customers? What about your prospects?


Prospects? Yes, even prospects deserve to the "Thanked" - doing so in the form of a handwritten card is proven to increase sales and help businesses stand out from the crowd.


Show your employees, team members and vendors how much you value you them with messages of gratitude and words of encouragement...delivered to their mailbox.


Stop Praying for 18% Open Rates When You Can Get 96% Read Rates

Yes, you read that right - handwritten notes have a 96%+ read rate, while emails to your own subscribers are lucky to get opened 18% of the time, and most people now actively avoid phone calls thanks to robo-spammers and being just plain busy.

Today, it’s the email inbox that is stuffed with junk, while the studies show customers actually like receiving physical mail from people and brands they know. And they read it.


Perfect for:

  • Appointment Reminders
  • Birthdays / Anniversaries
  • Lead Follow Up
  • Post Purchase "Thank You" 
  • New Product / Service Announcements
  • Special Events / Promotions
  • Special Occasions / Holidays

Just a few reasons why it’s proven to work:


1. You’ll instantly stand out.

What matters is the thought and initiative to do what your competition hasn’t figured out yet. It’s zigging when everyone else is zagging.


2. You’ll be paid back (the Law of Reciprocity).

Think about the last time someone paid for your coffee, sent you a note or a surprise gift. You likely experienced what psychologists call the Law Of Reciprocity: when someone does something nice to you, there’s a deep-rooted urge to pay it back. In fact, studies have shown that when your customers receive direct mail from your brand, they see it as a gift, while your competition interrupts and annoys them with emails and news feed ads.


3. You’ll create trust, connection, and referrals.

In a digitally connected world, we’re starving for physical connection. The average email has a lifespan of a few minutes…if you’re lucky. A handwritten note is a physical item that surprises and delights, often saved and stuck on fridges or sits on a table...which means you stay top of mind. And, it’s an experience they often tell their friends about and share on social media. Even the best email of all time doesn’t get that kind of treatment.


Whether you need to send 50 or 1000+ cards, we have a solution for you.


The Best Part:

  • All pricing includes the card, writing, envelope and first class postage (sent "from you")
  • Premium stationary that screams quality 
  • Messages up to 400 Characters
  • Customization / Company Branding available
  • 5 handwriting fonts to choose from (option to replicate your own handwriting for a fee)
  • Use Zapier to integrate with 1000's of Apps, CRMs, E-Commerce Stores, etc. for a fully automated solution on auto-pilot
  • Create and Save Message templates



Client Appreciation Gifts drive loyalty and repeat purchases, increase referrals and 5-Star Google Reviews, while lowering lead costs...who doesn't want that?



Employee Appreciation Gifts inspire happiness, promote lasting relationships, increase morale and reduce turnover...happy people produce more profit! 



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