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What Makes Us Different? Why Join?

Because of its large array of impacts on society today, we realize that technology can be a polarizing topic of fear, even for churches full of faith. We also know that the pros outweigh the cons in at least two major respects: 1) for ministry management and communication with members and staff (in-reach); and 2) for the same and more with the persons and souls in our touchable communities at-large (outreach). In addition, tech can be complicated, change rapidly, and seem cost prohibitive.


That is why the first thing we tackle in The Church Tech Club and any of our ancillary services, like Masterclasses and Courses, is something Proverbs 4:7 declares: “Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding.


We start with valuable answers to questions you may have and then offer targeted training because understanding can arrest fear and stagnation. Training opportunities can encourage new volunteer engagement and enhance understanding which will reveal wise benefits that can be implemented within doctrinal boundaries.


A great relief occurs as your ministry is invigorated after following a step-by-step strategy-building system that will  become an internal tech support foundation for on-going needs.

You may as well admit that technology projects will likely never end and therefore step forward to save your church the time and money that could be better used for your critical mission work.


Some will ask, “Why don’t you just give away these answers and this coaching free? Why are you charging the church for service?Our pricing is based on the real costs of operating a value-add business. Our vendors charge for those neat tools we use to provide our unique services and we believe in paying those we hire to service your needs. We’re not in this for money, we’re in it to see ministry excel through God’s power first, and by “…greater things than these ye shall do.” (Jesus)

Join today, squash any fears, and reap the rewards of technology for your ministry!


Three reasons WHY you should JOIN...

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We warn you about the cons of technology but we don’t leave you in fear. Instead, we show you how the pros of technology can benefit many areas of your ministry including discipleship, outreach, and church membership management, and communication, just to name a few.

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In this age of ministry, church administration, communication, and great financial stewardship do not occur by happenstance. Those with strategies usually see the harvest they hoped to achieve. We expose a strategic process that you can duplicate for future projects.

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Whether it’s the entire tech team, or a ministry leader needing assistance, one of the worse feelings is having nowhere to go for support (especially at odd hours). Churches using technology have the same need of support as those in other arenas. You can now get the support you need when you need it.

Resources Galore...

The Club Hub!

Learn more about our founder, Jonathan Lonon, his latest book on church and technology, connect to video interviews with technology vendors, and access our latest blogs, articles, and private customer feeds as soon as you join! 

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Cover image of the book, "Effective Technology in Ministry: A Practical Guide", authored by the founder of The Church Tech Club, Jonathan Lonon.

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