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  • ALL the benefits of Basic Tier, such as access to Jonathan Lonon's book resources and downloads; access to the customer feed inside the TCTC website and mobile app; access to live sessions and video recordings of tech tips and trainings, product reviews, and technologist interviews.


  • Access to an Advanced section of tech-based written and multi-media How-To docs and trainings
  • Access to directly communicate with TCTC on best tech moves
  • Direct notification about upcoming webinars and emerging tech that will benefit ministry
  • Access to TCTC chat forums or podcasts
  • Monthly payment convenience with open cancel policy


I see the value in the paid tiers, but I hear you have a limited FREE Basic Tier for people who need to access the resources in your book, or who may have simple support needs. What if I like what I see in the paid tiers, but I want to try the free version first?


No problem. Click here and get started on Basic Tier! All we need is your email address and a first and last name (so we address you properly in support messages). We won't force anyone to upgrade, but we know there is tremendous value in the paid tiers and when you are ready to take advantage, simply return to our home page and select upgraded plan.


Can I just buy your book and follow the six-step plan you outline in it for my church?


Sure! You can purchase the book here (and I'll even send you a signed copy), but there is no substitute for mentoring. Get the book, take some notes, then come back and try the Advanced Tier! You will be even more ready for what it offers.


What if my church is small and on a limited budget, can The Church Tech Club help in any way?


Absolutely! There are many options available in tech-based solutions for your needs. The key words in the start of this answer is your needs. By asking questions on our club feeds and connecting with others who may have insights, you can at least get immediate answers. But we are unique because we have avenues for quick needs and for a bigger picture of tech integration across your entire ministry. You want a strategy for the long term for the best stewardship of God's resources.


Can you rattle off a list of areas where The Church Tech Club can help churches address challenges in modern-day ministry? (Even AI aligned with most of our answers!)


Limited budgets; communications and engagement tools, filling the expertise gap; integrating tools across entire ministry (avoiding duplicate costs); security; training; streaming and on-line presence; people and equipment management; databases; and so many software or hardware choices!


Is that all?


Nope! At any time, The Church Tech Club might address church donation options; considerations around privacy, accessibility, or even the age of members or constituents; volunteer coordination; websites; social media; email; using automation on the front-end to lighten loads, or analytics of collected data on the back-end to evaluate processes; and we may even address the impacts or progress of emerging technologies and their possible impacts on church ministry.



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