15 Video Ideas for Real Estate Agents

These days, everyone's a content creator, and real estate is no exception! Here's a breakdown of the top video types to boost your property's visibility, explained for DIY enthusiasts:

  1. Neighborhood Tours: Your Local Guide

  • Why it works: Showcases the vibe of the area beyond just the house itself. Schools, parks, coffee shops - it's the lifestyle package!

  • DIY Tips:

  • Use your phone's camera, good lighting is key.

  • Walk & talk, showing landmarks, not just streets.

  • Be enthusiastic, like you're showing it to a friend.

  • Get started: Pick a sunny day, charge your phone, and go explore!


  1. Listing Videos: Better Than Photos

  • Why it works: A virtual walkthrough lets buyers imagine themselves in the space.

  • DIY Tips:

  • Stabilize your camera (tripod or against a surface).

  • Go slow, room by room, no shaky footage.

  • Point out unique features (fireplace, built-ins).

  • Get started: Declutter and stage the home beforehand.


  1. Market Updates: Be the Expert

  • Why it works: Positions you as knowledgeable, someone buyers/sellers want on their side.

  • DIY Tips:

  • Research local stats (recent sales, inventory).

  • Use free online tools to make simple graphs.

  • Speak clearly, avoid jargon, and be relatable.

  • Get started: Check your local real estate board's data.


  1. Home Staging Tips: Quick Wins

  • Why it works: Helps sellers get top dollar, shows you go the extra mile as an agent.

  • DIY Tips:

  • Focus on easy fixes (decluttering, fresh flowers).

  • Use before/after photos if you've staged a home.

  • Share your own staging hacks from experience.

  • Get started: Make a list of your top 5 staging must-dos.


  1. Explainer Videos: Busting Jargon

  • Why it works: Builds trust by making the complex simple, attracting first-timers.

  • DIY Tips:

  • Pick ONE topic per video (e.g., earnest money).

  • Use analogies or real-life examples.

  • Keep it under 2 minutes to hold attention.

  • Get started: What question do clients ask you MOST? That's your topic.


  1. Testimonials: Social Proof Power

  • Why it works: Nothing beats a happy client singing your praises.

  • DIY Tips:

  • Ask permission first, keep it casual.

  • Record good audio (phone mic close is okay).

  • Prompt them with questions to get specific answers.

  • Get started: Reach out to your most recent happy buyer/seller.


  1. Personal Branding: It's YOU They Hire

  • Why it works: People want to work with someone they like and trust.

  • DIY Tips:

  • Share what makes you unique, not just your resume.

  • Be genuine, let your personality shine.

  • Keep it concise, like an elevator pitch.

  • Get started: Write down 3 things clients love about YOU.


  1. Local Business Spotlights: Community Love

  • Why it works: Cross-promotion helps everyone, shows you're invested in the area.

  • DIY Tips:

  • Pick businesses that fit your target audience.

  • Offer to film a short promo in exchange for theirs.

  • Make it fun, not just an ad.

  • Get started: Visit your favorite local shop and chat with the owner.


  1. "About the Area" Videos: The Bigger Picture

  • Why it works: Attracts out-of-town buyers who are researching the location.

  • DIY Tips:

  • Beyond stats, show the experience (festivals, views).

  • Interview locals for authentic voices.

  • Use music that fits the vibe of the area.

  • Get started: Be a tourist in your own town for a day, filming as you go.


  1. First-Time Buyer/Seller Guides: Hand-Holding

  • Why it works: Newbies need extra guidance, this positions you as the helper.

  • DIY Tips:

  • Break it into bite-sized videos (each step of the process).

  • Use screen recordings to demo online tools.

  • Speak calmly, like you're reassuring a friend.

  • Get started: Think back to YOUR first time buying/selling, what was confusing?



  1. Open House Virtual Tours: More Eyes = More Offers

  • Why it works: Reaches those who can't attend, building pre-open house buzz.

  • DIY Tips:

  • Good lighting is crucial, open curtains/blinds.

  • Walk slowly, smooth transitions between rooms.

  • Point out features as you go (storage, upgrades).

  • Get started: Do a practice run to plan your route.


  1. Home Renovation & Improvement: DIY Inspiration

  • Why it works: Appeals to those looking for fixer-uppers or adding value.

  • DIY Tips:

  • Share your own projects if you've done any.

  • Partner with local contractors for expert tips.

  • Show the process, not just the finished product.

  • Get started: Document your next home improvement, even if it's small.


  1. Real Estate Technology: Be Tech-Savvy

  • Why it works: Shows you're up-to-date, can help clients navigate digital tools.

  • DIY Tips:

  • Pick ONE tool per video (e.g., e-signing app).

  • Do a screen recording demoing how to use it.

  • Highlight how it makes the process easier.

  • Get started: What tech do YOU use that makes your life easier?


  1. Q&A Sessions: Direct & Helpful

  • Why it works: Addresses real concerns, no fluff, builds your authority.

  • DIY Tips:

  • Gather questions from social media/past clients.

  • Choose a visually interesting background.

  • Be concise in your answers, don't ramble.

  • Get started: Ask your followers to submit their burning questions.


  1. Humorous Videos: Stand Out from the Crowd

  • Why it works: Memorable, shareable, shows you're not a boring agent.

  • DIY Tips:

  • It has to be FUNNY, not just you trying to be funny.

  • Keep it real estate related (skits, parodies).

  • Short and sweet is best, people lose interest quickly.

  • Get started: What funny things happen in your daily real estate life?

Bonus Tip: Don't be afraid to experiment! Try different formats, see what resonates with your audience. The most important thing is to be authentic and have fun with it.

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