Shooting a video on your hand-held device is a straightforward process. Here are step-by-step instructions:

Open the Camera App:

  • Locate the Camera app on your home screen.

Switch to Video Mode:

  • Once in the Camera app, make sure you are in Video mode.

Set Orientation:

  • Position your iPhone in the desired orientation. You can shoot in landscape or portrait mode, depending on your preference.

Switch to Front-Facing Camera (Selfie Mode):

  • Tap on the icon to switch to the front-facing camera (selfie mode).

Frame Yourself:

  • Position the camera so that you are centered in the frame. You can use the preview on the screen to adjust your position.

Adjust Focus and Exposure:

  • Tap on your face on the screen to set the focus and exposure. This ensures that the camera will focus on you and adjust the exposure for the best lighting.

Start Recording:

  • Tap the red record button to start recording. You'll see a timer indicating the duration of your recording.

Capture Your Video:

  • Speak or perform as needed while the camera records your video. Keep an eye on the timer to manage your recording time.

Stop Recording:

  • To stop recording, tap the red record button again. Your video will be saved automatically to your Photos app.

Preview (Optional):

  • Review the video and redo if you want to record another take.

Share Your Video:

  • Once you're satisfied with your video, you can share it with others or have it edited.

Be  mindful of your surroundings, lighting, and sound quality for a better overall video. Feel free to experiment with different angles and settings to get the best results.