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Are you experiencing hot flashes, insomnia, mood changes, brain fog, fatigue, weight gain, or changes in libido?

Feeling your best through menopause

The major hormonal and metabolic shifts women experience during this transitional life stage can come with obstacles. Having the right tools and support in place is essential to feeling your best.⁣⁠


In this webinar you will:⁣⁠
- Gain an understanding of why these changes are occurring in the body⁣⁠
- Learn about assessment tools and testing needed to help identify your current state of health⁣⁠
- Discover solutions/strategies/options for managing symptoms⁣⁠
- Uncover diet and lifestyle solutions that can be implemented immediately⁣⁠
- Develop an understanding of how to support long term health and vitality⁣⁠

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hosted by Dr. Daniela Jesin, Naturopathic Doctor