For beginner students interested in learning Mavis's Ways


We are thrilled to extend an invitation to join our transformative Essential Pathways program with Orla Falvey, commencing in September 2024. As one of Mavis's teachers Orla knows how important the right foundations are for you as you begin your journey. Without the right teaching, your “pathway” may be more prolonged and difficult than it need be. You can acquire bad habits and not really understand what is happening if you are not taught properly from the start.


The “Essential Pathway” will provide you with full knowledge and understanding of the mechanics of mediumship and your role in the partnership with the Spirit World so that you have firm foundations. There will be a wonderful balance between theory and practice.


You will receive four sessions each month with Orla (who Mavis has personally, tutored herself over many years.) She will take you through the practice and understanding of Mavis’s ways of working. If you are at the beginning of your “pathway” and wanting to explore mediumship, or if you desire a stronger foundation and understanding of mediumship and the Spirit World, this program is for you. Sessions span three trimesters, each lasting three months, with one-month breaks interspersed. This comprehensive nine-month journey is spread over eleven months.


Distinguished by its exceptional depth, this program offers a unique blend of challenges, encouragement, and support that you won't find anywhere else. If you aspire to elevate your mediumship to new horizons and dedicate yourself to serving the Spirit World at your best, we warmly welcome you to embark on this enriching experience with us.







Orla is a fully certificated Mavis Pittilla Authorized Teacher and has worked closely with Mavis and her wife Jean Else for many years.

Mavis Pittilla's Approach to Mediumship

You will continue to gain:

The difference between, and understanding of:

  • The Soul and Spirit
  • The Power
  • Awareness and Blending with Spirit
  • Blending of the Clairs
  • The Psychic
  • Mediumship and Spirit Communication

Understanding and experience in:

  • The basic ability to do a demonstration or private sitting, both Mediumistic and Psychic
  • A clear understanding of the Spirit World and communication
  • Full understanding of self and safeguarding
  • Knowledge of the integrated use of the clairs
  • Personal awareness of power for different purposes
  • Ethics for Mediumship and Psychic readings

What you will receive

With our teaching philosophy and style, we do not take on huge numbers of students, as we believe that you deserve individual attention and guidance. You will NOT be assigned to breakout rooms where your teacher cannot watch you work. You will be observed and guided at all times.


Receive live online classes with your Mavis Pittilla authorized teachers over three semesters. The classes will comprise of a mixture of:

  • Talks/lectures
  • Guided disciplines
  • Mediumship development
  • Practical assessments of your readings
  • Understanding the wider aspects of mediumship

  • Q&A sessions

Additional Benefits that so many of our students report:

  • Enjoying forming new relationships in this caring community of mediums
  • Feeling more confident and engaged by having consistent mediumship classes and practices, personally supported by your teachers
  • Gaining more knowledge about their own role in the mediumship process and that of the Spirit World
  • Achieving huge understanding of spirituality and mediumship
  • Having faith and belief strengthened not only by making progress but also by seeing the progress of fellow students.

About Orla




Orla Falvey is a highly accomplished medium in her own right, having undergone comprehensive training under the guidance of Mavis Pittilla over many years. Orla has worked across her native Ireland, the UK, and through online platforms. Orla currently resides in Ireland.


She has been actively engaged in teaching our online Fundamentals, Stepping Stones, Springboard and Essential Pathways groups. Additionally, Orla has collaborated on in-person courses alongside Jean and Mavis. Her teaching experience extends to various groups in Ireland, private readings, church services, and mediumship demonstrations in a wide array of venues.








Her exceptional understanding of the needs of those new to mediumship, seeking a robust knowledge base and refined skills, is evident. Orla's personal journey has equipped her with a profound empathy for the challenges and requirements of others, as well as the aspirations of individuals eager to connect with the spiritual realm.


Jean is excited to offer you the opportunity to collaborate with Orla in this Essential Pathways Program, which promises to be an invaluable asset for your mediumship development.





Class Schedule


Dates may be subject to change. Times may vary based on your location and daylight savings time. Please consult your teacher for more info.

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What Students Have to Say About Orla Falvey

Eileen W

Grateful to Orla Falvey for great teaching, mentoring and learning during our recent 12 week Mediumship program. Orla consistently showed up with a well-stocked tool box full of fun learning exercises designed to help increase our knowledge and confidence (both as individual and group). Unlike other programs I've participated in, the format of this smaller group and access to mentor allows space to develop trust quickly and provides many opportunities for working, answers to questions you always wanted to know but didn't know how to ask, and constructive feedback. The "know thyself" component and Spirit world perspectives we gained were valuable and instrumental in my personal growth and mediumship ability/confidence. Highly recommend Orla and this program.

Angie Kegebein

This was my absolute first Mediumship class ever! I had been very hesitant on exploring my mediumship skills until a friend had recommended I check out Mavis’s classes. I was assigned Orla as a teacher, and I couldn’t of asked for a better fit. She is so knowledgeable, and even knows when you have gotten information! Orla is kind and compassionate but also pushes you out of your comfort zone. This was exactly what I needed. Thank you Orla for giving me the tools needed to continue down this path of Mediumship.


Louise Taylor

I took Orla Falvey’s beginning class called the Fundamentals Intensive in the fall of 2020. This course represented the philosophy of Mavis Pittilla. This was my first class, so I had my fears and doubts as most beginning students have. Orla was so kind and gentle with each of her students as they were dipping the toes in a whole new field of study. She explained technique perfectly, and was very willing to answer any questions that we might have. She encouraged us to jump right in and begin to experience the energies outside of, and of a higher vibration than, our physical realm of understanding. She has a great love for communicating with loved one that live in the world of spirit. Orla has a great sense of humor and we loved her beautiful Irish accent. I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to pursue developing their Mediumship skills.


"Love like life can never die." - Mavis Pittilla