For continuing Essential Pathway students


We are delighted to invite you to the new Springboard programme beginning May 2024. It will be our pleasure to take you further along your path of mediumistic unfoldment. We will continue to develop your theoretical and practical knowledge of mediumship. This will include understanding yourself, the Spirit World, and all aspects of practical mediumship including the craft of delivering platform mediumship and public speaking.


This will consist of 4 sessions each month. There will be three trimesters, each 3 months long, with 1 month long breaks in between. This is a total of 9 months instructions spread over 11 months. 


No other programme will reach such depth. You will be challenged, encouraged and supported all at the same time. If you want to take your mediumship to the next level and do your best for the Spirit World then why not join us?


Mavis Pittilla's Approach to Mediumship

You will continue to gain

  • Increased confidence, skills and knowledge
  • Greater understanding of the Spirit World
  • Growth in understanding of your own soul's power
  • Knowledge and understanding of the following:
    • Awareness
    • Power
    • Blending faculties
    • And the responsibilities of mediumship
  • Skills to conduct private sittings and demonstrations
  • The history of Spiritualism and the pioneers
  • Recognition of the sacredness of mediumship.
  • Practical skills to undertake:
    • private readings & demonstrations
    • psychic exercises
    • public speaking & prayer

What you will receive

Receive live online classes with your Mavis Pittilla authorized teachers over three semesters. The classes will comprise of a mixture of:

  • Talks/lectures
  • Guided disciplines
  • Mediumship development
  • Practical assessments of your readings
  • Analysis of delivery
  • Public speaking, including:
    • Inspiration
    • Prayer
    • Debate
    • Discussion
    • Spiritual and Moral Understanding
  • Understanding the wider aspects of mediumship

  • The craft of private sittings and demonstrations

  • The ethics and morality of responsible psychic and mediumistic work

  • Q&A sessions

Additional Benefits that so many of our students report:

  • Enjoying forming new relationships in this caring community of mediums
  • Feeling more confident and engaged by having consistent mediumship classes and practices, personally supported by your teachers
  • Gaining more knowledge about their own role in the mediumship process and that of the Spirit World
  • Achieving huge understanding of spirituality and mediumship
  • Having faith and belief strengthened not only by making progress but also by seeing the progress of fellow students.

This course is offered by 3 wonderful Mavis Pittilla Authorised Teachers.

Each has specific dates for you to check at the links below.




Orla Falvey


Joanne Holden





"Mediumship heals two worlds." - Mavis Pittilla