For mediums near the beginning of their mediumship journey.

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This will be an intensive programme of twelve 90 minute sessions with Annie Gee, Orla Falvey, Joanne Holden or Karen Gillis. All 4 are Mavis Pittilla authorised teachers and have been teaching courses for many years.


You will receive the fundamentals of mediumship based on Mavis Pittilla's teaching and philosophy. You will get individual attention and full personal support. No other programmes offer this opportunity.


Mavis Pittilla's Approach to Mediumship

You will gain

  • Increased confidence, skills, knowledge of all aspects of mediumship theoretical and practical.
  • Understanding of the psychic and mediumship.
  • Development of awareness, blending and power building
  • The importance of your role in your mediumship
  • Understanding of the Spirit World and the people you work with
  • Development of  all your faculties: clairvoyance, audience, cognisance and sentience
  • Practical experience through group practices in a secure, safe comfortable environment.
  • Ethical and moral understanding


"Mediumship is a gift that heals two worlds." - Mavis Pittilla

You will receive:

  • Personal assessments of your mediumship readings during class, from your teachers.
  • Personal guidance to help you move your mediumship forward as she watches you work and make links in with your spirit contact.
  • Your teacher will observe the faculties you are using and will help you blend your three major faculties in unison.
  • Your teacher will work with you from wherever you are in your mediumship level to improve and expand your understanding and skills.
  • There will be an emphasis on having a conversation with your communicator, in the form of unfolding their story.
  • You will explore the many ways you can bring through evidential information that the loved ones want to present.
  • You will also be encouraged to bring through the presence and essence of the person in the Spirit World which Mavis and her team have always believed is the most important aspect of any communication.
  • Your teachers will share their knowledge and understanding that she has gained through her extensive experience of learning with Mavis and from working as a medium in private sittings and in demonstrations in Spiritualist churches.
  • Guided contemplations to improve your power and connection to Spirit
  • Question and Answer sessions

This is a unique opportunity to have individual observation and guidance with your mediumship. The number of students is strictly limited to allow personal attention.


This course is offered by 4 Mavis Pittilla Authorised Teachers





Orla Falvey


Joanne Holden


Karen Gillis



Not sure if this is for you?


You are a good fit for a fundamentals course if you:

  • Want to begin to understand the Mavis Pittilla’s ‘whole medium’ approach, developed over 55 years of working worldwide and being a senior tutor at the prestigious Arthur Findlay college in the UK. This will include:
    • Being supervised/supported/encouraged to develop your mediumship by your own teacher in a very small group.
    • Gain theoretical understanding of mediumship and the spirit world
    • Receive a high moral and ethical approach to the work
  • Have had some experience of spirit connection as a child (but never did anything about it)

  • Have a natural connection with the spirit world at home but nowhere else
  • Have suffered a bereavement/trauma and have had a few spiritual experiences
  • Are naturally intuitive and can pick up information
  • Sometimes have visions/dreams/get predictions but don’t do anything with them

You can also be considered near the beginning of your mediumship journey if:

  • You’ve taken online workshops or classes in person where you have not had the opportunity for multiple one-on-one practice and assessments with your teacher.
  • You’ve had past mediumship training but have not actively been utilising your skills in the past several years.
  • You want to gain confidence in a safe environment
  • You have some limited experience but want to achieve stronger foundations and understand how mediumship works in more depth in order to progress properly.