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Joanne Holden is a highly accomplished medium who has received her training exclusively from Mavis Pittilla over an extensive period. Joanne is based in Liverpool, United Kingdom.


She has been actively involved in teaching our online Fundamentals, Stepping Stones, Springboard and Essential Pathways groups. Furthermore, Joanne has collaborated on in-person courses alongside Jean and Mavis. She has conducted classes for the local district council of the Spiritualist National Union and regularly hosts online demonstrations both in the UK and the USA, in addition to offering private readings to individuals both domestically and internationally.


She is exceptionally well-regarded as a church medium in the North West of England, where she is in high demand. She is deeply committed to charitable endeavors, actively supporting numerous important causes. Joanne is known for her nurturing and composed teaching style. She possesses a natural talent for comprehending their requirements and motivating remarkable progress.


Jean is thrilled to offer you the opportunity to work with Joanne in this Fundamentals Program, which promises to be an invaluable resource for your mediumship development.


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What Students Have to Say About Joanne Holden

 Louise Taylor

Joanne Holden has been a teacher within the Mavis Pittilla style of Mediumship for years.  She teaches Mediumship as a sacred gift that we feel a pleasure to be a part of.  Each of her students moves along at their own pace, but with the benefit of having fellow students to practice their skills with.

 She is very supportive and loving as she moves her students to a greater understanding of the world of spirit. He students all love her and her easy-going nature. This field of study requires an unfolding much like an onion, little by little, as the necessary skills become more refined, and the messages the student gets are more and more in depth and meaningful.

 Joanne has a great sense of humour and at the same time a sense discipline which allows her students to become beautiful, spiritual mediums.  It is an honour to have studied with her.

Karla Helbert

Joanne is an exceptional teacher. She is attentive and caring, responsive and enthusiastic. In my experience with her for two years now, she has shown great skill as a teacher. She is a wonderful communicator as well as an excellent listener. She always brings her full self to the class. I admire and appreciate her ability to adapt to the needs of students and the class as needed and to be flexible and creative in the moment. This is such a gift in a teacher. She is also accessible when individual students need support and never tires of answering any and all questions! Joanne is also an incredibly talented psychic, medium, and reader of energy and this is so valuable in class. Knowing Joanne is aware of the presence of those in Spirit, how each student is experiencing the Spirit World, how our clairs are working and what is happening within our auras, and how we are each progressing in our psychic and mediumistic faculties in the moment as we work, allows for a sense of comfort and security and feels so validating. We know we are in expert hands. She is able to help us understand where we are progressing and where we may need more practice or support in compassionate, clear ways and uses many different practices and tools to support our work and help us develop our clairs and all our mediumistic and psychic faculties. When I first started with Joanne in the beginning Mavis Pittilla Fundamentals program, I didn't know whether I even was a medium and had no real experience other than my own connections with those I love in Spirit. She has been so supportive and helpful, and I have stayed with the programs not only because the teachings and ways of Mavis resonate so strongly with me, but also because of my direct experience with Joanne as my teacher through Fundamentals, Continuing Fundamentals, and now, in Springboard. I am looking forward to continuing my journey and always feel that I am receiving exactly what I need each class with Joanne. I am so grateful for her guidance.


Peggy Bochun

Joanne is a fantastic teacher of mediumship!  She is patient, kind and encouraging yet knows exactly when and where to push her students to achieve better results.  I have been studying with Joanne for 3 years and have grown and learned tremendously through her mentorship!  She herself is a very skilled medium who is knowledgeable about and has been trained in the Mavis Pittilla way that focuses on the "whole medium".  Joanne often shares important aspects about the spirit world or practice of mediumship during her classes that add breadth and depth in a way that other classes or programs don’t.  In addition, Joanne is not only able to see alongside her students but she can distinguish how her students are working, what techniques they are using, and where they are experiencing challenges.  Honestly, working with Joanne has been the best training I have ever had to study the craft of mediumship.  I am so grateful for her mentorship!


"Love like life can never die." - Mavis Pittilla