Discover the 3 common mistakes that make your menopause symptoms worse...

(and what to do about them)


Are you struggling with peri/menopause symptoms and confused about how to relieve them?

Would you like to get back to feeling like yourself again?


This 30-minute, low-cost, educational webinar will help you gain clarity about the common mistakes most women unwittingly make, and how those mistakes exacerbate (or even cause) their peri/menopause symptoms.


Here's the secret: The reason you are struggling with your symptoms is that you don't know what you don't know. Misconceptions and lack of knowledge about peri/menopause, as well as taboo, means that you may not know how to relieve your symptoms, or you may be doing the wrong things to relieve them!


But on the positive side, once you learn how menopause really works, then fixing your symptoms becomes much simpler.


What you will learn


~ How menopause works and the impact of having the right information about your symptoms


~ How so many organs are involved in the creation of symptoms


~ How self-prescribing herbs and supplements is at best hit-an-miss, and at worse risky


~ The 3 most common mistakes women make, and the impact of those mistakes on your symptoms


~  How to avoid these 3 mistakes and set yourself up for a smoother menopause





Sarah Davison is a natural menopause expert and practising homeopath. She treats and supports women in perimenopause and menopause naturally, by integrating:


> State-of-the-art hormone testing

> Bespoke homeopathy & nutrition

> Education in self-care


She has had previous careers spanning 20 years in international sales and then corporate innovation consulting.


Her own struggle with menopause inspired her to help other women feel fabulous without synthetic hormones, as she does.