“Play average, dress legendary”

Fore-get the typical golf fashion costs and swing into our custom tee shirts.  Join our sarcastic golf style revolution and putt your tee shirt wardrobe game back on par.  Guaranteed to turn heads, and get laughs, on and off the range.


Come discover a world of humor, sarcasm, inspiration and arrogance at an unbeatable price with our limited-time offer.  Join our elite community of passionate golfers and gain access to custom made T-Shirts curated specifically for you, the everyday golfer!  Act now to secure your spot as a one of our Early Birdie members who will lock in the discounted price of just $24.99/month.


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Quality & Design:

We prioritize offering high-quality garments with exceptional, and custom, designs.

Variety & Personalization:

We provide a diverse range of tee shirt styles, colors and sizes with a new custom design each month.

Flexibility & Convenience:

We prioritize flexibility and convenience for subscribers with varying subscription levels and easy return/cancellation policies.

Engaging Customer Experience:

Fostering a strong connection with our subscribers is vital for our success.  We achieve these connections via engaging customer interactions, personalized recommendations, exclusive content and member-only perks and discounts.

About Caddie Closet

Simply put, we are a monthly subscription business creating custom golf related t-shirts.


A company founded on the principle of breaking free from the corporate world, mostly just to play more golf, we are deeply rooted in the golfing community.  We believe in fostering connections, inspiring creativity and embracing the camaraderie that comes with sharing a passion for the world’s greatest game.  Through Caddie Closet, we aim to build a vibrant community of golf enthusiasts who support and uplift one another.


Caddie Closet is not just about providing creative apparel, it’s about igniting a spark within individuals to pursue their dreams, escape the corporate shackles, and find joy in the pursuit of more pars and birdies.  

Play Golf, and be sarcastically stylish.