What if the only person standing in

your way is you?

Join The Unlearning Lab Community!

A signature group coaching membership program that will help you unlearn the toxic stories that you have had on repeat for far too long and have been holding you back

The toxic thought patterns you’ve learned over the course of your life have been stopping you from the woman you’ve always been meant to become 

Wouldn't you love to have a space to meet other women who are feeling just like you and who are finally ready to…

  • Unlearn those toxic patterns that have been fueling your negative self talk
  • Give yourself permission to take up space
  • Celebrate who you are and everything you’ve been through!

The world has been telling women to play small. 

But, you’re playing small doesn’t serve the world. And it certainly isn’t doing you any favors.
Maybe this sounds like you…

  • You struggle with perfectionism and feel like you’re never “enough”
  • You lack self-confidence and self-worth
  • You can’t seem to find meaning or direction in life
  • You feel emotionally numb
  • You don’t know how to speak up, or feel that if you do you will just be ignored

It’s time to UNLEARN. All you need is a safe space to do it.

You can unlearn the toxic thought patterns that are fueling the ways that you feel about yourself. 


Unlearning the reasons that you may have felt ashamed or insecure for far too long…and finally start asking yourself the real questions…


What does your most confident and joyful self look like?

What could you accomplish if you stopped telling yourself you’re not enough?


What if the only thing keeping you from your full potential is your own self-doubt?

We know unlearning years of negative self-talk doesn’t happen alone, and that’s why you need to be at this event. To start your journey to unlearn who you were told to be and step into who you know you’ve always been meant to become.

The Unlearning Lab Community

can give you the tools you need to take your world by storm

The thought patterns I battled for years and the ones my clients were bringing into sessions weren't isolated.

Not accidental. Not random. They were a product of all the messages women pick up as girls that teach us how to find praise, validation and approval. How to socialize. How to seek out love. To fit a mold of what women are expected to be, designed by a patriarchal society.

In The Unlearning Lab, I've developed a program with tools to help you fully understand these toxic thought patterns and how you how to finally break free of their bullsh*t. You'll also find support, feedback and advice from a group of people who feel like you do right now but are just as ready to make a change.


You won't get a quick fix or a magic bullet, but you will take a massive leap into unlocking your self‑acceptance and self‑love - so you can step into your baddest bitch energy and take this world by storm.



What do I receive by being a member with The Unlearning Lab Community?

This program will give you everything you need to access deeper clarity and confidence of the woman you are meant to be. But specifically, let's break it down:

  • 10 course modules meant to help you unpack and explore the stories and expectations you've felt tied to for WAY too long (that you will have lifetime access to course content through the platform)
  • Bi-monthly group coaching calls led by Dina and your fellow membership community members that provides in-depth advice, guidance and feedback you crave
  • Guest speakers and thought leaders talking about their experience with unlearning
  • Fun, pop-up events that build community and support
  • An inclusive community full of like-minded women who you'll get to cheer on, help advise, learn from and feel supported by
  • And BONUS: peace of mind that you're not alone in your thoughts and feelings  

The Founder's rate for this membership community is $97/month. All major credit cards are accepted.


Hi! My name is Dina and I am your coach for The Unlearning Lab. And let me let you in a little bit...


See, from an early age, I struggled with feeling like she wasn’t good enough. For years, I believed something was inherently wrong with me; and she struggled to figure out where this feeling came from.

Chasing achievement and perfection, I had this deep-seated feeling that she needed to compensate for something and prove herself worthy to be on par with others. But in the process, she didn’t feel worthier; all she felt was sheer exhaustion.

As a certified life coach and mentor, I have made it her mission to help women UNLEARN the toxic thought patterns that have them thinking there’s constantly a new level they need to reach for in order to prove themselves. Instead, her work is entirely focused on helping women step into the freedom to acknowledge who they really are and who you want to become.


The most important lesson that I have learned was this: no one was judging her as harshly as she was judging herself.


I had to unlearn to stop letting guilt or ‘because I should’ be a reason for anything and everything she chose to do. I had to re-train her brain that perfection isn’t real and get to a place where she believed she was worthy of it all.


After 20 years of working as a gender equality specialist working across 30 countries in every corner of the world, I realized that this conversation that women are having around what they feel they “should” be instead of leaning into who they want to become is happening everywhere.


There’s a lot more that connects us than divides us - because in the end, we all want to feel like our truest, FREEST selves. 


Once I gave herself permission to fully lean into what she knew she was supposed to do AND started prioritizing her own healing around unlearning all of the toxic standards that had been calling the shots, the whole game changed.


And I want to encourage other women to start their own unlearning journey - calling out the expectations and negative self-talk that are wreaking literal havoc on their lives and their well-being. 

Unlearn the negative stories you’ve been telling yourself and stop holding yourself back!

Find your confidence, say goodbye to feelings of inadequacy, and unlock your full potential.


FAQs: You've Got Questions? I've Got Answers!

How do I know if I'm a fit for this program? 
The best way to see if this program is for you is to schedule a free 30-minute consultation call with Dina, available here.


But in essence, you are a fit for this program if you're sick of the status quo of it all! You're ready to play a much bigger game, rather than pretending to be ok with things being just meh. You're over feeling lost, anxious, afraid of taking risks, searching for relationships only to be let down.  You know that it's time to become the main fu*king character of your OWN LIFE, you're tired of playing it safe from the sidelines. You're ready to make changes and you feel open enough to go deep and do the inner work to help make it all  possible.


Plus, you are a fit if you want a coach PLUS a community space where you can share how you're feeling, grab one-on-one coaching time, and also support and learn from other women.



I'm super busy, how much time do I need to allocate to participate in this program and get the most of it?

I get it. We are all super busy and that's why participating in The Unlearning Lab group coaching program only requires you to commit 2 hours a week - 1 hour for group coaching calls and 1 hour to review each week's module and reflection exercises. We can all find 2 hours a week if it means we're going to unlock the best version of ourselves, can't we?




What will I gain from being a member in this community?

The Unlearning Lab Membership Community will offer you breakthrough - and you don't have to do it alone. With the combination of the course content, the group coaching calls and fun events, you will have access to gaining massive breakthroughs, tangible takeaways and REAL talk about what it takes to show up in your world, unapologetically.


Being a member of The Unlearning Lab for six months will offer you a series of steps on how to unlearn the toxic thought patterns that have been hijacking you on the daily. You will walk away from your experience inspired, ready to dial up your impact and master the skills to scale back the stress and overwhelm and step into the version of the woman you were always destined to BECOME.




What if I can't make a group coaching session? Are they recorded? 

Of course, we’d love it if you could make it to every single group coaching sessions. But I get it, things get busy. For the confidentiality of our members, we will not be recording group coaching calls - so we hope you can join as many as possible!



What if I want to continue being a member of the community after the 6 months?

That is possible. Our goal is for you to feel supported! We want you to be able to sign up for the first six months and then decide if you want to continue this work. 




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