Your "How To" Guide for Protecting your Energy

Break free from negative energy and intense emotions from others and learn how to set and hold your boundaries.




Are negative people around you sucking the life out of you?
Does it sometimes seem like no-one is listening or respecting your boundaries?

This easy-to-follow guide teaches you step by step how to set and hold both interpersonal and energetic boundaries. Here's a snapshot of what energetic boundaries are.

Get the FULL How to Guide with the techniques now:


The passion behind this boundary setting guide.

Meet Marisa O'Brien

Marisa is passionate about helping parents gain a more in-depth understanding of themselves to become aligned with who they are and who their children are, so they can feel good in their mind and body.
Marisa uses specialized tools to discover the root cause of what holds us back from owning our innate brilliance and living the life we desire. She helps parents expand their perspective to gain a more profound understanding of their child's experience, develop meaningful connections, embrace imperfection, and re-define themselves so they can lead the way for their families. Her clients overcome guilt, frustration, and exhaustion while enjoying more balance and energy to truly enjoy their parenting experience; they also learn how to support their children in developing healthy self-confidence, self-acceptance, and unconditional love so they too, can embrace who they are and live a joyful and vibrant life.

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