Do you feel reactive or emotional some days more than others?
Or, do you seem to have great ideas and then they fizzle out?

This series will provide some answers
4-Video Moon Cycle Series

The 4 Pivotal Phases of the Soli-Lunar Cycle

Find out What they are and Why they are important to pay attention to!

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Testimonial: I gained a better understanding of some aspects of my personality and "way of being," that I've been aware of and found that the information you shared with me clearly illuminated a much-needed direction for an important current life situation. Although I had a basic knowledge of astrology before we met, I never knew it could be applied so specifically to present day events to help one understand their struggles in a deeper way. Thank you so much for an amazing session! ~Cheryl Mitchell~

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The Moon Cycles affect all of us, from the crops that are grown to the emotions we experience.  Being in tune with the moon's phases can be a powerful spiritual and self-care tool.


There is  a waxing moon and a waning moon. Learn the difference between the two and their importance, especially when starting something new.


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