I am Worthy

Discover the Root Cause of Self-Doubt!

Are you struggling with self-doubt and feeling unworthy? Do you often compare yourself to others and feel like you don't measure up? Is it hard for you to set boundaries and protect your self-worth?


I get it because I've been there too!


Let me show you over the next 5 days how you have a choice with how you feel and how to create the changes you desire!




Hi, I'm Shelley a fully qualified Success Coach with years of experience. I have owned businesses for the past 25 years and I have had a life and business coaches for more 10 years. I would not be without a coach. Having had my own struggles, I continuously work on myself to achieve the results I want and live my life as I choose.


My passion is to guide you to live life on your terms and achieve what you truly desire.



  • Online Portal.
  • 5 Days of Video's.
  • 5 Days of Worksheets.
  • Link to My Facebook Page.
  • Discounts to my Coaching Programs.
  • FREE copy of my book - 21 Habits to Unshakable Confidence.
  • Extra bonus material.



Day 1 - Living Life with Purpose and Passion.

Day 2 - Open Yourself Up to Receive.

Day 3 - Overcome Comparisons. 

Day 4 - Discover the Root Cause of Self-Doubt.

Day 5 - Protect your Self-Worth with Boundaries.

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