Want to find the mute button for that negative chorus in your head?

It’s amazing how many of us strive to be kind to others yet are harsh to ourselves, inside. 

Working with tens of hundreds of clients over the last seven years, what strikes me when they open up is just how awful it can be inside their heads.

The more successful the outer image, often the more toxic the internal dialogue is.  

That never ending internal criticism can lead to feelings of emptiness, unworthiness and even wanting to check out or numb it all away.  

I can relate as I’ve been there myself.  At the height of my successful PR & Marketing career I’d close the door to the never-ending chorus inside with sleeping pills, alcohol, or other distractions.  

Yet if I achieved silence I felt alone and a nagging feeling would creep in asking ‘Is this as good as it gets?’.

Sound familiar?

Well, it is not your fault.

The Internal Corrections officer is well known in psychology.  Years after adults stop telling us what to do or not do, we continue the instructions to ourselves.  

Holding you back.
Holding you down.
Robbing you of success. 
Denying you the life of your dreams. 
Making joy elude you. 

You deserve more and now is the time to step up and take it. 

Using proven neuroscience and cognitive therapy tools I can open you up to new and better voices and put the unwanted ones on mute.

The ability to do this has brought me through enormous challenges in my own life.  

I also understand that there may be a fear deep inside you. 

A nagging doubt that without the voices you won’t be driven on, galvanised into being successful.  

This was me. 

But the price of admission for keeping that negative catalyst was paid with my health and pretty much everything I valued.  It is too high a price to pay.  Trust me.

I have rubbed shoulders with the rich and famous in my PR career and own life (retiring to the Bahamas at age 40).  I’ve also stood in dirt amongst the poorest of the poor when I was head of marcomms for an international charity.

With everyone I met, through active listening, I found out how they created peace in turmoil or joy when they seemingly had nothing.  

The key to both starts within.  With your internal dialogue. 

Let me help you mute the parts of your internal chorus – the Itty-Bitty-Shitty-Committee with this fascinating FREE 1-hour webinar.

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