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The Lard Works in Mysterious Ways!

Introducing an innovative new line of chemical-free, toxin-free skincare products made with regenerative farming practices.


Every batch of Farrow is hand made right here in East Tennessee. We source all our fat from regenerative farmers in the area. Giving them an outlet for this treasured ingredient and doing our part to support farming practices that heal the planet and our soil.


After a snow skiing vacation my daughters’ faces were so severely windburned their cheeks were beginning to scab. After only a few applications of FaceFood, the windburn disappeared with no peeling, scaring, or scabbing. I’m a firm believer in the power of Farrow Skincare to nourish the skin.

Client one

- Lauren : Professional Money Manager -

I never imagined I’d smear lard on my face. But, FaceFood is absolutely the best moisturizer I’ve ever tried. I suffer from dry, cracked skin at the corners of my mouth. It’s ugly and painful and there’s little help for it. I saw improvement the first day of using FaceFood! Thank you!!!

Client two

- Eve : Realtor -