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The audiologists at Audiology Associates & Hearing Aids Today pride ourselves in providing unparalleled service. We care about discovering what is truly best for you and cultivating long term relationships that lead to a better life.

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You will experience convenient appointment times and expert treatment backed by a treatment guarantee with a simple and affordable monthly payment.

Jina Scherer
Owner and Audiologist

Jina started Audiology Associates & Hearing Aids Today in 2002 in Nashville, Tennessee. As an expert in her field, she has spoken extensively on hearing health care, hearing technology, and the treatment of hearing disorders. Her greatest passion is to help others connect with their friends and family by providing high quality care through the Medical Treatment of Hearing Loss.

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“First off….THANK YOU!! I definitely heard the birds chirping from three streets over this morning … and oh, was it AWESOME!! I just absolutely love your approach to your patients. You definitely put me at ease and your support staff works extremely hard for every patient.”

- Brad P. -

"I highly recommend Dr. Jina!"

“One thing I have learned over the years is that digital aids give me better sound discrimination than analog aids, but are somewhat harder to adjust (“tune”) to the patient. I can honestly say that I personally and technically appreciated Dr. Jina’s audiology expertise and highly recommend her for evaluating your hearing problems and, if necessary, hearing aid selection and fitting.”

- Craig C. -

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