Because your child deserves a foundation of wellness 

Yogamazia partners with parents & caregivers to guide young minds towards authenticity and leadership by equipping them with the tools for balanced, healthy living to become Wholesome Warriors. Our range of kids yoga classes offers something for every Warrior - from toddlers to teens!

Watch as your child finds their sanctuary and grow into an authentic leader, all within a supportive community. Each of our Warrior level classes focus on creating future leaders who empower Yogamazia's mission and values while learning and practicing the Yoga Principles (Sutras), in mind and body, to help them face today's worldly challenges.


Warrior I is devoted for yoga youngsters aged 5-8 years who are ready for a deeper introduction to the Yoga Principles (Sutras) with visualization and relaxation techniques. We will begin to explore fun yoga activities while learning the proper alignment of yoga poses, and mindfulness via stories and visual imageries. Sessions are 45 minutes. 


Warrior II is customized for PreTeens aged 8-12 years and incorporates all of the foundations of yoga. Sessions are 1 hour and incorporate the Sutras as a key part of open and positive discussions, poses, partner work, relaxation activities, and offer an opportunity for connection with their peers as they face the challenges unique to this age group while still having fun! 

Warrior II/III is a combined class for our older Pre-Teen/Teen students (ages 10 and up) and incorporates the foundations of our typical Warrior II and III levels.
Warrior III is a continuation class of Warrior II focused on teens aged 12 and up. It incorporates all the foundations of yoga in a 1 hour class with refinements for this age level focusing on creating Yogamazia leaders. 
Named after the Warrior pose series, three related and powerful standing postures that improve strength and flexibility.

Advanced registration and online/electronic payment is required for ALL classes - cut off is at least 24 hours in advance, unless otherwise noted. Please review our General Policies here.


Summer Schedule

No Warrior I and Warrior II classes on Mondays - classes resume Monday 9th September. Inquire for registration.

No class on Thursday 4th and Friday 5th July, 2024.

No class on Thursday 29th and Friday 30th August, 2024.

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