Because your child deserves a foundation of wellness 

Yogamazia partners with parents & caregivers to guide young minds towards authenticity and leadership by equipping them with the tools for balanced, healthy living to become Wholesome Warriors. Our range of kids yoga classes offers something for every Warrior - from toddlers to teens!

Butterfly is a mixed-aged class with parent/caregiver dedicated to our students and families with additional needs.


It is geared to those who require a bit more special attention to be able to cope or thrive with their own/family’s needs. This includes physical needs, medical conditions, and cognitive or developmental needs such as, but not limited to, those with Trisomy 21/Down Syndrome, Autism, ADHD.


This 45-minute session focuses on releasing tension while helping students keep more mobile and allowing them the safe space they need to discover yoga through their own efforts.


Named after the butterfly (a symbol of lightness) and butterfly pose which promotes relaxation and relieves tightness in our lower body. 


1 spot available, or inquire for waitlist!


Advanced registration and online/electronic payment is required for ALL classes - cut off is at least 24 hours in advance, unless otherwise noted. Please review our General Policies here.


No class on Thursday 4th July, 2024.

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