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WTH is Managed IT, Anyway?

By Jeremy M. Johnson, Director of Marketing, Kinetix


If you ever wondered what exactly Managed IT is, then you are not alone. In fact, when I started with Kinetix, I was in the same boat! It sounds so…mysterious. 👻 Like, Managed Service Providers (MSP) are just trying to sell you an imaginary bill of goods.  Well, I am going to tell you exactly what Managed IT is, why it is so important, and how much it costs.

MSP Defined

First, I mentioned Managed Services Provider in the opening paragraph.  An MSP is a company (like Kinetix) that delivers services, such as network, application, infrastructure, and security, via ongoing and regular support and active administration on either a customer’s premises, in our (Kinetix’s) data center (hosting), or in a third-party data center.  An MSP retains responsibility for the functionality of your IT service and equipment, and you pay a nominal monthly fee for the service. So, to boil it down to one sentence—Managed IT is outsourcing your IT needs to an MSP.  Imagine it like this- having your own personal “internal IT” department!

Managed IT Services

So, now that we know the definition of Managed IT, what services does that encompass?  Great question!  The “one-size-fits-all” answer is “it depends on the needs of your company”.  Which is true, but not really specific. Still mysterious. 👻 Below are some of common Managed IT services requested from Kinetix.

  • Installation of computer network
  • Business Compliance
  • Remote Monitoring of Servers
  • Cybersecurity Protection
  • Remote Worker Setup
  • Cloud Services
  • Microsoft 365 Migrations and Licensing
  • Network Diagnostic and Analysis
  • Complete Internal IT Services

Do I Need Managed IT?

Now that we have seen some of the services, you may be asking "Do I need Managed IT”?  Let’s check out some scenarios.


Scenario 1:  You get to your office at 6:00 AM when the office is quiet, and you can get things done peacefully.  You push the power button to your computer.  Nothing.  That’s weird.  You try it again.  Nothing.  You check the cords to make sure it is properly plugged in.  Nothing. You check the main power source to your office.  That's fine, of course, because everything else is on.  You stare at your computer muttering obscenities.  You contemplate throwing the computer out the window.  OK, OK, maybe not that, but you’re frustrated.  By this time, a half hour or more of productivity is wasted.  


Kinetix Solution:  If you have Managed IT services from Kinetix, then you simply call our help desk/support line and that initiates a support ticket. We handle support tickets in order of submission usually starting around 7 AM, but latest by 8 AM.  If we cannot solve the issue by phone, then we will go to your business and solve the issue in person!


Scenario 2:  An office accountant, John, receives an invoice request from a client via email.  The request is a strange link, but John has known this client for years.  He clicks the link because he wants to take care of the customer right away.  BAM!  Before John realizes his mistake, he has just downloaded a virus that could potentially compromise the entire company network including all confidential client data, company bank information, and more.  


Kinetix Solution:  As a business owner, you would never want to put any employee, like John, in that compromising position!  With Managed IT security from Kinetix, your network will be properly equipped to quarantine MOST messages like the one John received before it gets to John’s inbox.  However, hackers and cyber attackers are smart, continuously evolving, and ridiculously relentless.  In the rare event this scenario does happen in your office, chances are that our monitoring system has already alerted us to the situation, and we have already started repairing it, but reach out to us directly ASAP anyway.


Scenario 3:  An office worker, Katie, has her routine down to a science.  Every Friday she opens an application on her computer and does her must-do, end-of-the-week job assignment.  This Friday, however, the application won’t open.  It’s 3 PM and Katie needs this done by 5 PM.  Why won’t this darn thing open?!?  It ALWAYS opens!  Katie panics and tries to remedy the situation herself.  Over an hour goes by in the blink of an eye and now she must go tell her boss (you) that she will not be able to complete her job assignment by the time the office closes.  


Kinetix Solution: At Kinetix, we understand time management is vital.  We have an industry-leading customer support response time of 15 minutes.  So, by the time a support ticket is opened, until the time we contact you, is 15 minutes or less!  We will fix it quickly, so Katie is back up and working fast, GUARANTEED!!  

These are just small samples of scenarios that could happen.  Protecting your company’s computer network is of the utmost importance and Kinetix takes it very seriously.

Benefits of Managed IT

Cost- Kinetix offers a predictable and affordable low monthly fee that is significantly less than hiring an actual IT person!  (See more in the cost section below)

Protection- Kinetix outsourced IT provides 24/7 monitoring and emergency assistance with the most up-to-date software.

Experience- Kinetix has an entire staff of IT technicians with an average tenure of 12 years and combined IT experience of over 200 years!  

Peace of Mind- I think this one says it all!

What Will Managed IT Cost Me?

Honestly, the real question is “What will it cost you if I DON’T have proper IT solutions in place? 😲 But I digress.  There are three basic ways for MSP fees to be paid- by device, by user, or by a fixed flat fee.  Kinetix will assess your business and offer you the best protection available at the best rate for you.  We don’t believe in “Nickel and Diming” people.  We also do not believe in long-term contracts!  We provide low monthly fixed rates where if you decide we aren’t the IT firm for you, then you can leave whenever you would like.  We’ve been in business since 1991 and only a handful of our clients have left us!  


Hopefully, I have dispelled some of the mysteriousness surrounding Managed IT.  🚫👻 There are serious consequences to not having the proper network security in place for your business computer network including:

  • A major data breach
  • Possible lawsuits
  • A ruined reputation
  • A steep decline in business
  • Damage control that could take YEARS to fix!

This article isn’t meant to strike fear in business owners, but rather awareness and real-life recommendations.  If you are contemplating shoring up your network security, that’s a great decision!  We hope you will afford us the opportunity to earn your business.   With Managed IT support from Kinetix, you won’t have to worry about IT security, or any other IT issues, so you can concentrate on what is important- growing YOUR business!  Our motto is "helping businesses profit through IT"


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