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OP-ED:  Nickel and Diming.  It Gets Our Goat!

By Jeremy M. Johnson, Director of Marketing, Kinetix


If you know the term “nickel and diming”, then we are sure it upsets you just as much as it does us.  If you have ever been “nickel and dimed”, then you are probably downright mad!  If you are unfamiliar, it simply means to be up-charged unfairly or charged for many small item amounts that tend to add up to a significant cost.  We here at Kinetix call it greedy!  We recently had a couple of new clients that were being “nickel and dimed” for years, but they didn’t even know it until they contacted us to do an independent review of their current IT situation.  That compelled me to write this article!


I am going to list some examples of common services that employ nickel-and-dime tactics.  Some of these have become so mainstream that we just come to expect it!  Now, I am no genius, and I have no answers on how to fix these, but here they are.

  • Ticket/Event Service Fees: You know…that $35 dollar concert ticket that ends up being almost double that after all the “service” fees.  Yes, YOU, Ticketmaster!  
  • Airlines: Granted, these have gotten better recently due to price wars, fight for market share, etc.…but look at the fees closely next time you book a flight! Baggage fees, change fees, and seat selection fees…I'm pretty sure they even have a “fee” fee! 🤷‍♂️
  • Telecommunication Services: From cable companies to the cell phone industry, just look at your bill next time and see all those “service” fees!
  • Hotels: This one always gets me…resort fees.  What??  I am already paying the cost to book your room, but amenities like the pool, fitness center, and wi-fi that used to be included are now “resort fees”?
  • Car Rentals: These are great.  Vehicle Licensing Fee, early or late fees (they get you coming AND going!) refueling fees, insurance, credit card holds, and the list goes on!
  • Streaming Services: Now, this industry doesn’t exactly pull a nickel and dimer on us, but they are constantly raising their prices.  I'm good and mad now, so I thought I would throw them under the bus too!  😝

What’s My Point?

Man thought of an idea

Is your blood boiling yet?!?  OK, OK, maybe it’s just me.  The point I am trying to make is that we already get bamboozled enough…should it be that way with your IT Service too?  No!  Kinetix has not, does not, and will never subject our valued customers to any nickel-and-dime theatrics.  What you get with us is up-front pricing, transparency, and amazing affordable IT Services and Support.  

Conclusion:  Putting Our Money Where Are Mouths Are

We would like to extend a limited-time offer of a review of your current IT services -Managed IT, Cybersecurity, VoIP- on OUR dime.  No hassles, no obligations, no pushy sales tactics.  Our mission is to educate the public about fair IT pricing, as well as protect Michigan businesses with their network challenges, telecommunication options, and cybersecurity concerns.


We hope you take advantage!