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Important Features for a 3CX VoIP Solution

By Kinetix


A 3CX VoIP solution installed by Kinetix can have many features.  You may not need them all, but in our opinion, there are a few important features that we recommend. 

Call Routing When The Internet Goes Down

Another key feature to have is instantaneous, automatic fail over for phone calls if and when the Internet goes down. Providers that understand the critical role a phone system plays for most businesses will also have an option for cellular backup to your Internet service so you can keep your phones working even if the Internet goes down.

Automated Attendant

The Automated Attendant feature allows you to create simple or complex menus so callers can be directed to the appropriate person or department without having to talk with an operator.

After-Hours And Holiday Call Flows

Almost every business has times when they want incoming calls to be handled differently. The After-Hours and Holiday Call Flow features allow you to have calls handled differently based on the day of the week, time of day or holiday.

Voice Mails E-mailed To You

This is a feature many of our clients don’t ask for (initially) but later tell us is one of their favorites. Here’s how it works: when a call comes in for someone who is on the phone or away from their desk, most phone systems provide the ability for the caller to leave a voice mail. With this feature, the voice mail is also converted to a sound file, attached to an e-mail message and sent to the e-mail address configured for that extension so the extension owner can listen to their voice mail, even if they are out of the office.

Fax To E-mail

Wouldn’t it be nice to have your phone system automatically recognize that an incoming call is actually a fax message and just convert the incoming fax to a PDF, then e-mail it to you? That is exactly what this feature provides. With it, any inbound phone number can be set up to receive faxes.

Call Queues

In businesses where there is a high volume of incoming calls, you may want the ability to have the caller automatically placed in a queue, with a custom on-hold message playing until the next agent is available. This feature provides this function and will automatically send the call to the next available agent.


Find Me – Follow Me

This is a customer favorite, especially for those users who are outside their office on a regular basis. This feature allows your office phone to ring on your cell phone or laptop either simultaneously or in sequence (office phone first, then cell, then laptop) so you never miss a phone call again!


Custom Hold Music, Information Or Promotion

This is one of our most requested features because it allows you to deliver a message to callers about services you offer, promotions you are running or to simply wish them a Happy Holiday Season. This is a far better option than music, which can aggravate someone who doesn’t share the same taste in music as you.