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20 Critical Questions To Ask BEFORE Signing A Contract
To Avoid Hidden Fees, Onerous Contracts,
And Bad Sound Quality 

By Kinetix


1.    How many years have you been selling, installing and supporting phone systems?


Our Answer: Kinetix has been selling, installing, and supporting business phone systems for over 15 years throughout the United States.  We are a nationally recognized partner for 3CX, the leader of VoIP solutions in the US.

2.     How can I be certain the sound quality will be excellent with your system?


Our Answer: As previously discussed, we will conduct an assessment of your network and bandwidth BEFORE selling you a new phone system to ensure it will work flawlessly with your current bandwidth, firewall and router. If you need upgrades for your network equipment, we can even include that into the monthly fee so that you are able to move to your new phone system with little up-front costs.

Most companies won’t do this assessment, and instead simply sell you the phone. When things go wrong, they’ll point the finger at your IT guy, or your Internet provider and tell you they can’t (won’t!) help you.

We take full ownership of the success of your new phone solution and stand behind our guarantee of “flawless performance.” If anything is not working, we will troubleshoot the issue and work with whoever we need to in order to get it fixed. You will NEVER hear us say, “Sorry, that’s somebody else’s problem.”

3.    How can I cancel and get out of the contract? What are the fees involved?


Our Answer: We offer a 90-day money-back guarantee.  If, during the first 90 days, you are not happy with the new phone system and we are not able to resolve any off chance issues, then simply return the equipment and we will cancel your service immediately.

4.     What are the start-up and recurring costs?


Our Answer:  Setup fees vary depending on the size of the install, our pricing plan is simple, straightforward, and 100% transparent. We provide you with a cost for hosting your phone system depending on the number of phone lines and set you up with the best solution that meets your calling volume and needs, and provide you with a business phone system with all of the features you want.

5.     Do I need special cabling?


Our Answer: Our phone solution uses the same network wire (or WiFi) as your computer network and works perfectly on 90% of the networks we assess. However, in some cases you might need updated cabling, more bandwidth, or updated cyber security protections. That’s why we perform a detailed network assessment BEFORE we provide a final quote for implementing our phone system, so you will know in advance if your existing network will support our phones or if you need an upgrade, and how much that will cost. This is important for you to do no matter who you buy a phone system from. Some phone system companies do not test your network and may only look at bandwidth and sell you a system. This can lead to a lot of frustration when the phone doesn’t work – and added, unanticipated costs after you’ve already committed to buying. One of the reasons we have so many happy clients is because we are IT pros as well as phone system experts and know how to truly assess ALL aspects of a network to make sure you don’t experience sound quality issues, dropped calls, and other problems.

6.     Do you offer any type of money-back guarantee?


Our Answer: Yes! We offer a 90-day money-back guarantee. If you are not 100% happy with your new phone system for any reason, simply notify us in the first 90 days and we will remove the phones, and refund 100% of the fees you paid us for the phone system, all at NO COST TO YOU. You shouldn’t have to be stuck with a phone system that doesn’t work for you.

7.     Can I keep my current phone number(s)? Are there any additional costs involved in keeping my number?


Our Answer: Yes, you can keep your current number(s)! This is called “number porting.” Almost all telecom companies will port your existing numbers over, but may charge a fee to do so – we don’t. Another question you want to ask is how long will it take? We can have your current number almost instantly start ringing to your new phone system; but be careful here because some companies will take up to 90 days to get your old phone number ported over!


8.     What other ongoing fees and costs are there?


Our Answer:. Once you select the number of concurrent calls that you desire, we will size your system and provide a quote that includes all monthly costs so there are no surprises when you get your bill each month.


9.     What features are included? Which ones cost extra?


Our Answer:  Our solution’s Feature Set is based on the selected License Type (either Professional or Enterprise).  Once the License Type is selected, you get 100% of the available features offered within the License.  Here are is a list of the frequently used features (we are happy to provide a full list for your review!):


•Call routing (if Internet goes down)
•Automated attendant
•After-hours and holiday messages
•Voice mail to e-mail
•Fax to e-mail
•Texting support
•Web conferencing/Telehealth
•Conference calls
•Call queues
•Find me/follow me
•Custom hold music


10.    Does your system include international calling?


Our Answer: International calling is supported and enabled by default with our phone system. Not only is it included, there are security features we configure to prevent it from being accessed or used by the wrong people.  However, you provider may bill for international minutes separately on your next invoice. We can also disable this feature at your request if you do not want to allow international calls to be placed.


11.    Will it work with my current firewall, router, Internet and network settings?


Our Answer: Once we complete our assessment of your network and bandwidth, you will know with 100% certainty if your current configuration will support our phone system. And, if it will not, you will have an option to include the needed improvements in your monthly service charges OR the cost to buy the needed equipment outright.  We can even help your team with any necessary configuration changes should that be needed.


12.    Does your system support faxing?

Our Answer: Every phone number provided through our system can also be used for incoming fax transmissions. Faxes are converted to PDF files and then sent to the e-mail address configured for that number. There are additional options for providing a web interface that will allow each extension to send web-based faxes by uploading a PDF or MSWord document or for sending faxes via your email client. For customers who want to utilize their existing fax machines or fax-enabled copiers, there is an option to include a hardware appliance that will connect to that equipment as well.


13.    Do you offer a trial phone we can test in our office before making a commitment?


Our Answer: Yes! Once we have completed the network and bandwidth assessment, we are happy to provide a demo phone so you can get a feel for the phone and its features.


14.    If my employees need to work from home, how does your phone system accommodate that? How does the transition happen if we suddenly have to work remote due to a covid-type shutdown or other disaster?


Our Answer: Our phones are configured to work from anywhere. If your employees need to work from home or a remote location, all they have to do is unplug their phones from their wall jack and plug them into their home Internet or connect them to their home WIFI as they would a laptop or PC. Since our phone system supports 911 emergency calling, it is imperative that you let us know the physical address where each phone will be relocated so we can ensure that any emergency calls made from the phones will provide the correct 911 location information.


15.    Who does the transition to the new phone and how long will I be down during the cut over?


Our Answer: We handle 100% of the transition for you and will provide a seamless transition from your current system to our phones with NO DOWNTIME. We use a staged process of setting up the phones with temporary numbers first, configure them to your business and test them thoroughly before going “live.” We can do this on a site-by-site basis or phone-by-phone if needed. The end result is ZERO downtime or lost calls.


16.    What type of training do you offer for my employees using the phone?


Our Answer: Once we configure and install your new phone system, our engineers will show each user how to perform basic functions like setting up their voice mail, recording their mailbox greeting, placing calls on hold, and transferring calls to other extensions. We can also provide a customized user guide with instructions for using the phone system based on the features that have been configured for their installation. We can provide remote or on-site training in groups or "Train the Trainer environment.  Finally, our LOCAL support (help desk) staff are available to answer any questions and provide one-off training to users at any time.


17.    Can you SHOW me how to change office hours, how calls are routed, how to add a new employee, set up out-of-office, etc.?


Our Answer: Yes, the new WebClient the EVERY user has access to, makes this task VERY simple for ANY user...but we do better than that – we’ll do it for you for FREE over the lifetime of the phone system! This is just part of the high-quality service we offer that helps us stand out from the “big box” phone system companies. Of course, we will also train your staff on how to be self-sufficient with our phone system and provide an instruction manual so you can make changes at any time, quickly and easily. However, we also provide free support for the phone system and are happy to make any changes you need if you simply want us to handle it for you.


18.    Can you provide me references from other RECENT clients you installed this phone system for?


Our Answer: Absolutely! We are always happy to provide a list of customer references who can attest to the value, reliability, and overall positive experience with our solution. Just give us a call and we can provide them to you.


19.    Do I have to record my own voice mail and auto attendant messages or will you do that for me? Help me find voice talent? Music on hold?


Our Answer: We offer third-party voice talent to help you record professional greetings for your business for a very small fee. We can also assist you with creating message scripts. All of this is part of the service we include with our phone solution.


20.    Does your solution handle emergency 911 calls?


Our Answer: Yes, we enable 911 calling on all physical extensions.