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Shock Your Sales Potential is a dynamic and interactive community where sales professionals come together to learn, support, develop, and network.  Through the Shock Your Sales Potential group coaching community, we work with sales professionals who are committed to professional development and who want to improve their sales results. Some of these people are naturally comfortable with sales and like to get to and stay at the top, and some are not as comfortable, but have chosen a career in sales and want to be the best they can be.

Through our weekly live coaching session, followed by open Q & A, we guide them through proven strategies that are aligned to their individual personalities and strengths, and as a result of our time together, they achieve sales results with greater ease and more success.

Join us very Tuesday from 12 - 1pm Eastern (New York) time.
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Shock Your Potential CEO Michael Sherlock leads these weekly training session that will enhance your skillset, followed by an open Q & A. In between sessions, join us in our Shock Your Sales Potential Community Clubhouse for access to previous recordings, skill development courses, networking, and more. Access to the Clubhouse is available to paid monthly members.

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Want to Try Us Out? Participate in Your First Session for FREE!

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