High Integrity Sales Focus Groups with Karen Kessler

Ready to test out our High Integrity Sales Roadmap?
We need high integrity people like you.

Problem we are solving:


For too long we have watched brilliant and passionate entrepreneurs struggle to get their head and heart wrapped around sales. They report feeling 'salesy', 'sleezy', and even down right 'icky'!


What we believe:

  • Increasing the reach and impact of high integrity people will make the significant difference we are seeking in this world.
  • Our process bridges the perceived gap between sales and service
  • You can love to sell as much as you love to serve 

What's in it for you:

  • Start with the discovery of how you score in 9 high integrity areas for sales
  • Qualify for free access to resources as we develop them
  • Spend 90 minutes in the space with other people who value high integrity as much as you do

Be part of the High Integrity Sales Revolution!


Choose the best time for you

Morning Focus Group
Tues Nov 7th
8:00 - 9:30am ET

Lunch Focus Group
Thurs Nov 9th
12-1pm ET
In Person

Evening Focus Group
Tues Nov 14th

Sneak Peak!

Check out the draft Roadmap that we will be discussing during the focus group.