Agile Basics for Nonprofits
May 8, 2024 12:00 - 1:00pm ET

We’ve created Agile Basics with you in mind.

Agile is an iterative approach that helps nonprofit teams deliver value to their customers, stakeholders, and communities faster.

Agile is NOT only for software or IT projects and teams. Agile is for development teams. Agile is for faith-based organizations. Agile is for healthcare systems. Agile is worldwide. Agile is for everyone…who wants to create a greater impact faster at a sustainable pace.

The reality is that there is not one perfect framework or tool to help teams to be agile; rather, there is a variety of these to help teams do great things. What is important for teams to understand first are the Agile values they will use to create an impact before they choose a framework and tool(s).


Let us introduce you to Agile, specifically, the values and principles that serve as an umbrella for several specific frameworks and tools that your team may use.

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