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We ask you to review our Terms of Service



  • We always recommend that you start with a deep clean. Add a deep clean to your service for a more thorough and detailed cleaning.
  • All Online or Phone prices are subject to final inspection of your home when your team arrives and all terms of service. 
  •  All initial, post construction, one time, on demand, and deep cleanings are billed per hour per person. Once the initial is performed, flat rate pricing applies based on frequency of service.

Terms of Service 


1. WHO: SHORE TO SHORE CLEANING is an independent, locally owned, and operated cleaning company. Our employees are fully bonded and insured. And we carry full liability, and workman’s compensation insurance and all payroll taxes are paid through the local SHORE TO SHORE CLEANING office as staff of the company.

2. COMMUNICATION: It is very important that you call us if you have questions or concerns about your cleaning service. We take great pride in our cleaning service and will make every reasonable effort to provide you with a highly professional cleaning service. One thing that really helps us provide you with a Better cleaning service is your ongoing feedback. Please fill out your survey after every visit to help us continually improve the quality of the service you receive. 

3. TEAM: We try to send the same team to your home each week, however, we cannot guarantee it due to illness, vacations, etc... Our main priority is to clean your home consistently and with the quality you demand, and we have systems in place to ensure this. The team members we send to your home are always Shore to Shore Cleaning employees and are extensively trained in our cleaning systems. Any solicitation of Shore to Shore Cleaning team members for outside employment is a direct violation of this agreement and our terms of service. 

4. OFFICE HOURS: Our office is open M-F 8 AM to 4 PM. Voicemail is available after hours. Email ( is monitored after hours and is often the best way to reach us outside of office hours. 

5. EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES: We provide all of the chemical and supplies to clean your home. We ask that you provide paper towels and trash liners.

6. QUALITY CONTROL: Our teams are quality inspected by management on a regular basis. They may enter your home after the team leaves. These inspections ensure the highest quality standards.

7. ARRIVAL TIME: Our team clean from 8 AM to 5 PM. Occasionally they may need to stay past 5 PM to finish the job. We can not guarantee an exact time for your visit due to the nature of our business and changing schedules. If you need an estimated window of time you may call or email the day before your scheduled visit. No arrival time is implied or ever guaranteed. We will do our best to accommodate requests, but they are treated as requests only and we have no way to guarantee your exact service time. We do guarantee your day of service and will not change your service date without your prior approval.

8. KEYS: Your home must be accessible to our teams. We can provide a secure lockbox for your home at no additional charge. If we are unable to access your home we will charge a lockout fee of at least $150 or your scheduled cleaning service price, whichever is greater. 

9. CLUTTER: We do ask that you provide us with a clutter-free environment. If that is not the case, we may not be able to clean your home in the allotted time, or extra charges may be applied if you approve.

10. SAFETY: Insurance and safety issues prohibit our teams from moving heavy objects or standing on furniture. We also prohibit our staff from handling any biohazards, including pet or human fluids, rodent feces, mold, etc… We also are only able to use up to a 3-step ladder in your home to clean. That does limit our ability to clean some spaces, but we have extension poles that help us reach most places in your home.

11. SECURITY ALARMS: If your home has a security alarm, please ensure that it is turned off on the day of your scheduled cleaning. You may also provide us with the code and steps necessary to turn off your alarm. We will reset the alarm when we leave. However, we will not be held responsible for alarms set off by mistake.

12. PETS: If you have pets, please secure them and pick up after them. For sanitary and safety issues our teams are not permitted to clean flea-infested homes or pick up animal excrement. We will not clean if our team members feel they are in danger due to your dog or other animals.

13. RESCHEDULING: There may be times when the weather makes it unsafe for us to travel and carry equipment and supplies to your home. Driveways must be clear and accessible. Holidays may necessitate a schedule change or significant illness of team members. These will be the only reasons that we do not complete a clean on your scheduled day. We appreciate your understanding in these circumstances.

14. PAYMENT POLICY: Payment is due on the day of each scheduled cleaning. We require a credit card to be on file (encrypted by that will be billed upon completion of service. One-time cleanings and initial cleanings require a $200.00 non-refundable deposit to book. All initial, deep cleans, and one time cleans are biller per hour per person. Any price quoted is an estimate and a final cost of service will be provided upon completion of the service.

15. SALES TAX: New York State and  local counties require sales tax on services. If you live in an area where this applies you will be responsible for the tax amount and it will be included in your invoice.

16. LATE FEE: If no payment is left for the team, we will send you an open invoice by email with a payment link. Please remit your payment immediately. If we do not receive your payment within 3 business days of your cleaning a $10 convenience fee will be added to your cleaning. If payment is not received within 30 days we will assess a $35 late fee to your account. Each month thereafter when the account is past due, an additional $35 late fee will be assessed to your account. After 90 days late accounts will be referred to an outside collection agency. 

17. RETURNED CHECK FEE: A $35 fee will be charged for any check returned by the bank.

18. CANCELLATION & SKIP FEE: In the event that you cancel or skip a scheduled cleaning you can do so at no charge as long as you give a least 24-hour notice. If service is cancelled with in 24 hours, a $100, or 50% fee, whichever is greater, will be charged. Your next service will be at the next tier frequency price. So if you have an every 2-week visit, and you skip and it will now be 4 weeks between visits, that cleaning will be at the every 4-week time and rate. This will allow us to provide you with a complete and thorough cleaning on that visit. This does not apply to visits that are rescheduled within 5 business days of the original visit. 

19. LOCKOUT FEE: If the team is dispatched and arrives at your home and is unable to enter your home (double-bolt locks, animals not contained, or is turned away at the door) there will be a lockout fee assessed to equal the regular cleaning price.

20. SUSPENSION OF SERVICE: If any of the above fees have not been paid your service will be suspended until all fees have been paid in full. If service is suspended and you have not paid in full within 30 days we will consider you to have terminated service.

21. COLLECTION OF FEES: In addition to any amounts owed to Shore to Shore Cleaning, you agree to be responsible for all reasonable collection and attorney’s fees we incur to bring your account current.

22. CANCELING YOUR SERVICE: It is agreed that this is an at-will relationship no contract term is implied. Services may be canceled at any time and no contract is implied. To avoid cancellation charges at least one full business day's notice is required.

23. DAMAGES & BREAKAGE: From time to time small items will be knocked off a shelf when dusting, etc… We will provide a credit for future services for incidental damages up to $500. Above that, you will need to file a claim with your homeowners' insurance for damages caused by the routine nature of the cleaning. Damages due to negligence or malpractice on our part will be handled by our insurance provider. In addition, we will only use  Shore to Shore Cleaning approved products for cleaning your home. If you ask that we use your product, you assume all liability responsibility for any damage to your home caused by your products. You may be asked to sign a liability release form 

24. CLEAN GUARENTEE: We're not perfect. Our guarantee to you is that if we make a mistake we will fix it. Let us know about any deficient areas of your cleaning within 24 hours and we will return the next business day to make it right.