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If you’re considering investing in a multifamily property, read every word of this special report….

What Your Lender Wishes You Knew But Won’t Tell You

Be prepared before you leap to purchase a multifamily property; download this free report and discover the truth behind the loan process and the importance of due diligence performed by someone  who is looking out for your interests, not your lenders.  

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From: Bryan Amos

To: My fellow investor

I have a question for you…

Have you ever wondered how some investors just know a good deal when they see one?

It’s like they have some magic radar or maybe the Midas touch and everything they set their sights on and decide to pursue turns to gold.

Some might say it’s luck, and they may be right to an extent.  But I’m inclined to believe it’s something more. 

Investors I’ve met who seem to do everything right are different from the rest, and that‘s true…

But what sets them apart is not some cosmic lottery pull. 

Not at all.

What sets these seemingly “lucky” people apart is their willingness to dive deep, research, and uncover every relevant fact about an investment they’re considering.


Successful investors never take a tip from a friend, act on a hunch, or get suckered into a too-good-to-be-true opportunity that turns into so much smoke once the check clears.

Successful investors do their due diligence.

"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest."

Benjamin Franklin

This is why I’m reaching out to you today. 

You see, I’m more than a building inspector; I’m a multifamily property investor. 

I’ve had a long career in real estate investment and general contracting.

Aside from owning and operating Omni Multifamily Assessments, LLC, I own and oversee over 800 units in various complexes.  

More acutely than most, I understand the challenges you face as an investor.  

This is why my team at OMNI seeks to arm you and other investors with the knowledge you need to take the next best step regarding the property you are considering.

If you would like to know more about the loan process and why it’s so important to have physical due diligence performed by a team of your choosing rather than relying on the lender’s inspector, I urge you to download and read every word of my special free report. 

This report is intended to highlight the pitfalls to avoid and the signs you want to look out for that may signal trouble when considering an investment of this type.

Inside, you’ll discover:

  • What Your Lender Wishes You Knew About Investing In Multifamily Properties.
  • Your Lender’s Due Diligence Checklist.
  • What Lender Paid Inspectors could Miss and What It Might Cost You.
  • The Due Diligence Checklist You Need.
  • How You Can Invest With Certainty Knowing The Property You’re Considering Is A Sound Investment That Will Produce A Positive Cash Flow For Years To Come.

If you’re ready to gain clarity on the condition of the property you're considering…

How To Know If Downloading This Report And
Reading It Immediately Is Right For You...

If you are considering investing in a multifamily property…

If you want to make an educated move that ensures your investment brings you consistent and predictable cash flow…

If you want to avoid making a decision that will leave you in the red for years with your dreams of a decent ROI amounting to nothing more than smoke in the wind…

If you are the type of investor who never acts on a whim and only acts once all the facts are known, downloading and reading every word of this report is the right move for you right now.

With the answers you get, you’ll be ready to make informed decisions about the next best step with the property you’re considering.

I hope you read and enjoy every word. 


If you know you want physical due diligence performed by an experienced team who serves your interests…

Then, I urge you to reach out to us soon.

Due to the thorough nature of our Assessments, we can only accept a certain number of new clients each month. 

We value your time and want to ensure you have the information you need when making a decision.  So we can best serve you, please contact us as soon as possible, and let’s talk. Just call 214-305-2218.  We’ll discuss your needs and the specifics of your situation.  Your questions will be answered, and if you decide OMNI is right for you, we’ll schedule the best time to perform your due diligence.

We look forward to hearing from you soon and aiding you in making a smart investment that will serve you and provide positive cash flow for years to come.


I recently has the pleasure of working with Bryan Amos for a due diligence evaluation on an apartment complex I was considering. Bryan's thorough due diligence review provided valuable insights into the property's condition. He look the time to explain potential issues and answer all my questions. I highly recommend his services to any investor considering the purchase of a property.

Frank A.


My OMNI team exceeded my expectations during the due diligence. They uncovered several areas of concern the lender’s inspector never brought up.  I was able to renegotiate the  price to account for the needed repairs saving myself and my fellow investors a fortune. I can’t recommend OMNI enough!  

Ellis W.


Bryan Amos and his team's attention to detail are second to none. His thorough evaluation helped to identify a few areas of concern. The report he offered was thorough. He was prompt, professional and approachable making the entire experience seamless. I highly recommend his services to anyone looking to invest in a multifamily property.

Hank R.

If you’re ready to get started, then your next step is simple. Call 214-305-2218, and let’s have a conversation.

We’ll discuss your needs and the specifics of the property you want reviewed and go from there.    

Due diligence with OMNI will arm you with the information you need to take the best next steps regarding the property you’re considering.

I’m happy to help in every way I can, and I look forward to working with you soon!


Bryan Amos
Omni Multifamily Assessments, LLC 


Bryan Amos
Founder & CEO
Omni Multifamily Assessments, LLC