Five Shifts to Increase Diversity in Your Company While

Accelerating your Career Using the POWERPlus System

to transition and expand your career, and the

CLEARInclusion Solution to transform your leadership culture.

How Would You Like to Have an EXACT Game

Plan My Clients Use to Accelerate Their Career

While Creating More Diversity in Their


Anyone who leads, spearheads or manages companies,

divisions, and departments.
Executives, Officers, Directors, Team Leaders, even

Board Members.
If you’re a leader who wants to use your influence to create more

diversity in your company while accelerating your career...



If you ask my past Clients...

This isn’t my first course or program. I’ve helped

leaders accelerate their careers through

leadership development and driving diversity and inclusion

in their companies.

Here’s Why This is so IMPORTANT
For so long people have been talking about Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. But let's
face it, reverse discrimination kicked in

BEFORE Affirmative Action could deliver serious results, and there’s been not much change over the last several years -though some progress has certainly been made. .

Executives are stressed, feeling undervalued, overwhelmed and burnt out as they try to figure out how to make their staff’s work environment inclusive. 

Now more than ever...
Now more than ever it is time to include people of diverse backgrounds because people are noticing that even with laws or policies in place, the data is showing that companies continue to fail to include people in the leadership process.

Women make up nearly 50% of the workforce, but there are less than 6% women in CEO or Executive positions, and that number drops to 1% who are women of color. 
Women represent less than 20% on Boards of Directors. They earn 20-30% less than their male colleagues.
I don’t say this lightly…
Companies are NOT leveraging the power of diversity when it comes to gender and race.

This is old news.  Truth is that while 67% of U.S.-based company CEOs believe

that diversity should be a priority, yet only 12% of them have recorded implementing

diverse staff member program initiatives.  (Crazy huh?) Twelve percent!!  
Are you in the 55% still aspiring? or the 12% who are delivering?
Way beyond just aspiration, diversity and inclusion have become

a business imperative that sets companies apart.  
Did you know...
About 68% of candidates consider how diverse a company is before they consider the job offer!  So, now the company’s reputation is at stake.
Failure to attract, retain and sustain a diverse workforce in a highly competitive environment has translated into $64 Billion in LOSSES to U.S. companies

-just because of high turnover and companies unable to retain a diverse workforce.

At least your company has not shutting down during the recession and business is picking back up…Why make any changes now?

Maybe this is not the right time for diversity and inclusion?
Maybe you’ve tried this before? 
You’ve seen a lot of internal competition, no collaboration,

new recruits not working out or fitting in as expected and turnover is high.  Annual training is checked off, yes, but something is missing,

something's not quite right…
Or maybe you’re the Entrepreneur whose company is your baby, built from the ground up. You realize the value of diversity, you're not against it, or anything. You just need support from your team right now to make sure that would be the right response to the the uncertain environment. 
Because from your experience when you're seeking a new hire it feels like there’s a shortage of good talent out there - it's been super hard to find them.


"Do I want to hit my income, and career goals, while putting a comprehensive and sustainable company diversity plan in place from now into the future?"
“Am I a leader who wants to use my leadership influence to create more diversity in my company and do this while accelerating my career?”

  If the answer is YES, then I'd love to invite you to the

But before I go into the benefits let me share a little of how and why I work in this space.
You may be wondering who I am and what my connection is to diversity and inclusion...


Secretly wishing you knew how to create an inclusive workplace by consistently and predictably leveraging your knowledge of company culture and your cultural profile to focus on increasing diversity and your leadership influence...
You’re fed up with working so hard but being stuck in the same spot. Not recognized with money or opportunity, unable to get to the next level, BUT you know it’s possible to EXPAND your portfolio and ACCELERATE the value you want to bring to your company, and a better life for yourself and your family, you just need a helping hand getting there …
You're tired of using all your energy and skills to benefit someone else, but you JUST don’t know what to do or how to change the routine...

If reading this hurts, and you’re feeling like you have let down the people around you due to lack of success, or are STRESSED out, OVERWHELMED, find yourself lying awake at night trying to figure out what to do next?
Maybe you know your worth and the fact you can't continue to do the same routine and expect to get a different result. You’re fully aware of the magic you possess and understand you are built for MORE! 

This online program is the product of careful study as I worked to figure out the steps every successful leader took in order to get on the path of effective inclusion-driven leadership that accelerated the career trajectory of each leader, and the common patterns that showed up with every company I dealt with. 
I boiled it down to the Executive POWERPlus Program with 5 shifts that leaders made to elevate, expand and accelerate their careers. Then, I zeroed in on the 5 areas that every company would need to address, if they were to successfully create an inclusive leadership culture and develop their human capital and called it the C.L.E.A.R Inclusion Solution. 
Together they are integrated with knowledge and industry intelligence, experience from my years in leadership development, and cross-cultural engagement. 

I RECOGNIZE THAT: Changing culture is not easy to do, and as a leader you will have to do some real groundwork to make a difference that counts.
Are you proud of what you earned last year?
How happy are you in your company?
What would it mean to you over the long term if you could double or triple your INCOME in less than 7-10 years? You said you wanted MORE, right?
How would you really feel if you had the confidence to make a SINGLE shift from one position -or one career- to another, or maybe even your own business that can bring you $50,000 - $100,000 plus more per year?
Over the next 5 years you could be looking at an increased income of $250 - $500,000 or more - actually, the sky's the limit with your own business!
Yes. I know this will require you shift to a growth MINDSET. This is where you move into strategic and focused aligned ACTION to achieve the OUTCOMES or results you really want.

 – Weekly Group Coaching Call – 
So we can personalize your plan, coach you and answer any questions you have.
– Private Access to Facebook Community – 
For accountability so you don’t quit before you see results, and have support as you gain new levels
 – LeadUversity App - 
Access to a fingertip opportunity for you to up-level, and track your progress anywhere, anytime on-the-go.
– Mastermind Membership Discount - 
Members have access to coaching calls after graduating the program. This executive leader community holds you accountable to maintain momentum and sustain long-term results. 



EXECUTIVES with all of the above and with consulting as it is implemented company-wide. 

(of course, this is a separate customized conversation and arrangement).



An Assessment that establishes a company Report Card is used. LEADERS leverage the knowledge of company culture, their  own cultural profile to focus on inclusion, to increase their influence and meet company goals even if they have no idea where to start. 



Acting on key Strategic priorities you can outperform the competition by 21% to 33% which means you are likely to gain and sustain

a global competitive edge.



Putting in place a strategic inclusion with a tailored leadership development blueprint that is aligned with company vision, has  supported policy, built in evaluation and accountability to have exponential impact on workforce and the company over the long term.



Consequential but powerful assets include that WORKFORCE performance is increased. 



Company reputation is enhanced. 



There’s increased trust and collaboration, less burnout. 



Greater employee engagement, retention and satisfaction and resilience.



Aspiring for diversity but missing goals because it was too complex to make it a strategic priority in the company?
Stuck with the familiar stress, frustration, burnout, overwhelm, undervalued, and passed over? 
Losing sleep because of self-doubt and second-guessing decisions…and challenged with out-of-control personal and work responsibilities?
Finding yourself putting off preparing for the next level even though you know you have outgrown the challenges of your current position?
Your health? Your Relationships? Your Job?


It all begins with a Breakthrough Call.

I’ve set aside some time to speak to you over the next few days.
You and I will get on the phone for about 45 minutes. On that call, you'll find clarity and we'll lay out a plan to help you to accelerate and expand your leadership influence and increase diversity in your company. 
This plan is not only going to enable you to hit your career, personal and business and diversity goals this year,  but you'll be able to blow past them next year...while working LESS than you are right now.
The plan we craft together will be simple, clear, and light years ahead of anything you've heard from anyone else.
This method works. And I know that if we work together, and you stay coachable, decisive, and resourceful, there is no limit to what you can achieve in your own career or in your company!
This invitation is going out to over 10,000 people right now, so as you can imagine, it's going to create a HUGE response.

That's why I need you to read this next part carefully: 
This is NOT for Everybody.

I'm highly selective about who I'll work with, because I want to help you reach your goals and I have a strict (but reasonable :) set of criteria that needs to be met in order for us to proceed:
This offer is for people who have a genuine desire to create CHANGE based on their knowledge of inclusion and desire to increase their influence , even if they have no idea where to start.
It’s for people who can solve the BIG problems of life or the company that can stand in the spotlight as they profit and become recognized as a trusted leader.
If you can do that and you want to leverage your portfolio to accelerate your career while working less so you can prioritize what’s most important to you, let's talk!
 But, if being stuck has caused self-doubt, imposter syndrome, and analysis paralysis… - no offense, but you will have to work on this as well. 
You MUST be an action taker and coachable. That means you're coachable, decisive, and resourceful. (Don't worry - I won't ask you to do anything strange.)
 YOU are the source of the change you want to see.  So, this is NOT for you if you "play the blame game" or  sign up for things and not follow through.

Maintaining a 100% client success rate is VERY important to me.
Please be someone who doesn't mess around and is serious about the results you say you want. 
That's it - if you meet BOTH of those requirements, we're good. Let’s Talk!

If you meet the criteria above, and you'd like to talk about getting some incredible results for your career and company, then I'll happily set aside some time to connect with you.
Head over HERE and you'll see my calendar. Grab whatever appointment time works for you.
Then you'll be taken to a quick application form. It's very fast and unobtrusive.
That’s it!
The initial call will go about 45 minutes, and it will be the best time you have ever spent working on your career or diversity goals- Cheers!

This invitation is going out to 10,000+ people today, and there is only so much time available in my schedule.
 It's impossible for me to work with more than a handful of people, so it is First Come, First  Served.
If you feel like this is the right opportunity for you, click HERE to leave your application, and let's talk!

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