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What Is Cam House?

Who We Are

Cam House is a content creation house on a mission to create impactful and meaningful content for our viewers. We combine top of the line equipment, intelligent analytic data, and amazing content creators to make content that resonates!


What We Do

We take up to 10 influencers at a time to create content together for up to 8 weeks. While at the house these influencers create content for Youtube, Tiktok, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, OFTV, and more!


How We Do It

We source up to 10 women every few months to be included in our content house. While here, you will be asked to create content on a set schedule with your fellow housemates. We prioritize our creators, and pay them in advance for the content they are set to create. The content itself is edited, uploaded, and optimized by our in-house team.

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What To Expect

When joining Cam House, there are a few things to anticipate:

  • All Expenses Paid: All participants receive free
  • Fun Activities: The content you make at the house will always be fun and entertaining! It may take you to new places, allow you to try new foods, or just be a fun activity that you can participate in!
  • Pay Advance: Make up to $5,000/ week! As stated above, we pay our creators in advance for their work. So, you will be paid weekly based on how much content you are scheduled to complete!
  • Location; Our content house is RIGHT on the beach, so sit back, relax, and enjoy the scenery!
  • Lifestyle Change: If you're someone who is looking for something new out of life that will actually benefit you long term, then Cam House is for you. Being part of Cam House is a life changing experience. You'll be working with professional influencers, camera crews, photographers, nutritionists, personal trainers, and  social media managers. All of them are dedicated to maximizing your potential, and they will teach you valuable lessons that you can take with you!

What We Are vs. What We Are NOT

At Cam House we aim to be clear about our mission. Here are some helpful facts to help showcase what we do:

What We Are:

  • We ARE a content house
  • We DO create content for all social media platforms
  • We DO help Onlyfans creators
  • We DO create content for sponsors that support our channels
  • We DO encourage all participants to create content together

What We Are Not:

  • We ARE NOT a porn house
  • We DO NOT offer our content house to those who are uninterested in making content with others
  • We ARE NOT a menace to the public, and expect our participants to be considerate of the people around them

Learn About Us:

Learn More About Us and What We Do!

Our Website: Cam_House.com


Press: https://cam-house.com/pages/press




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