Bodhi Tree Sangha and Calm Minds bring you Manage Stress Mindfully

Registration Closed. Please email for the waiting list for the next group in winter.

Manage Stress Mindfully


4-week Mindfulness group

that provides mindfulness

and neurobiology based

methods to address stress.

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Register for $100 and then
Pay for whatever value the program brings you.

Zoom on Sundays

4:00-5:30 pm EST

Nov. 13, 20, 27, Dec. 4



Optional One-on-One

(on-demand, please email:

  • optional before/mid/after individual session (additional charges apply)
  • additional, need-based practices during the sessions
  • complimentary half-day retreat in Spring 2023

What to expect during and after the sessions

  • Learn to develop the habit of meditation
  • Key signs and symptoms that your system is in stress i.e. what “YOUR” fight/ flight/ freeze look like
  • How stress impacts your body and your brain
  • Common mistakes that feed your stress rather than managing it
  • How your neurobiology is watching out for you
  • Why you struggle to have fun and relax
  • Explore strategies to identify your triggers and regulate your responses to regain your balance
  • Create a customized plan to address stress along the spectrum of getting stressed, before you get triggered, during the triggered state, and afterwards

Let go of the battle.

Breathe quietly and


Let your body relax and heart soften.

 - Jack Kornfield.