Guided Tours

The purchase of travel services, including self-guided and guided tours, accommodation, and other products or services (herein referred to as the “trip”) through Mosaic Earth Travel Inc. (herein referred to as “Mosaic Earth Travel”) constitutes an agreement between you and Mosaic Earth Travel. The following Terms and Conditions form part of that agreement. These conditions affect your legal rights. By submitting your Traveller Booking Form, you acknowledge that you have read and understand the Terms and Conditions. If you have any issues or concerns, please contact your booking agent.

To secure your trip booking, a deposit of 10% of the trip price per person is required, along with the completed Booking Form. Final payment of the remaining balance is due 75 days prior to the trip. If the final payment is not received on time, we reserve the right to cancel your trip. Bookings made within 75 days prior to the trip will require full payment to confirm the booking.


All payments must be made in Canadian Dollars (CAD). Mosaic Earth Travel accepts payment by direct debit and e-transfer, as well as all major credit cards. Payment by credit card will incur a 2.4% processing fee. Verbal and/or written authorization of the use of your card, and all other confirmed money transfers, indicates your compliance with our booking Terms and Conditions.


For private groups or individuals booking a custom trip: by signing this form, you are confirming that the trip itinerary provided by your booking agent is satisfactory and requires no significant changes prior to travel. Requests for trip itinerary changes beyond this point may be subject to an additional cost, administrative fee and/or surcharge at the discretion of Mosaic Earth Travel, based on the circumstances of the change request.


All prices quoted are in Canadian Dollars (CAD) and are subject to 5% Goods and Services Tax (GST). Prices are subject to availability at the time of booking. Mosaic Earth Travel reserves the right to change the price or introduce a surcharge at any time prior to travel based on changes to the cost of any services essential to the trip including hotels, BC Ferries, and other service providers. If a price alteration is deemed necessary by Mosaic Earth Travel, we will notify you in writing as soon as possible.


Unless otherwise detailed in the trip itinerary provided, the trip price does not include: travel to/from joining location, airfares, passport and visa fees, baggage fees, airport taxes, travel insurance, guide gratuities, extra meals or snacks, and items of a personal nature such as laundry, alcohol, medical expenses and medications, souvenirs, and optional activities.


If you need to cancel your trip booking, notification must be made in writing by email to Mosaic Earth Travel as soon as possible. If cancelling 75 days or more prior to travel, the 10% deposit per person is refundable, less a $50 administrative fee per person. For cancellations made between 74-30 days prior to travel, 50% of the total trip price (including deposit) is refundable. Cancellations made 29 or less days prior to travel will not be eligible for a refund of any amount. No refunds will be made once the trip has departed.



Mosaic Earth Travel reserves the right to cancel the trip at any time for any reason, including, but not limited to, inability to meet minimum group numbers on scheduled trips. In the event that the trip is cancelled by Mosaic Earth Travel due to minimum numbers, we will make every reasonable effort to advise you of such cancellation at the earliest possible time and no later than 30 days prior to travel, and you are entitled to choose from an alternate trip or to receive a full refund. If an alternate trip is chosen at a lower value, a refund will be given for the difference. If the alternate trip is of higher value, you will be responsible for the difference in price.


Mosaic Earth Travel will not be liable for any delay in, change to, or cancellation of trips due to circumstances outside of our control or that of our suppliers, leading to ‘Force Majeure’. ‘Force Majeure’ can include natural disasters, war, terrorism, civil commotion, action of armed forces, infection, epidemics, pandemics, exceptional weather, fire, casualty, “acts of God” or threat of any such and any unforeseeable circumstances; the consequences of which, despite reasonable steps having been taken, could not have been avoided.


In the event of Force Majeure, Mosaic Earth Travel will make every reasonable effort to advise you of such cancellation as soon as possible, and will offer you alternative arrangements. Mosaic Earth Travel will not be liable for any additional costs that may arise in the event of trip alteration, delay, or cancellation caused by circumstances beyond our control.


By booking a trip with Mosaic Earth Travel, you acknowledge that travel requires a degree of flexibility, particularly when it comes to safety. The details of the trip itinerary are subject to change at any time without prior notice. It may be necessary to modify an itinerary due to weather, road conditions, Force Majeure incidents, closures or cancellation by suppliers, or other circumstances beyond our control or which simply cannot be foreseen. Mosaic Earth Travel is not responsible for loss of enjoyment, delays or compensation resulting from circumstances beyond our control.


If trip itinerary changes do occur, we will endeavour to replace any cancelled or modified trip components with those of equal value. If modifications are of lesser value, a refund of the difference in price between the original and the modified trip itineraries will be provided. If modifications are of greater value, traveller approval will be required and the traveller will be charged the difference between the original and the modified trip itineraries.


Participation in all activities and transportation included in the trip is completely voluntary. No refund will be made to those travellers who choose not to participate in any trip activity due to weather or any other reason.


When travelling with Mosaic Earth Travel, you acknowledge and accept the authority of the trip leaders at all times on all matters likely to affect the safety and well-being of all parties concerned. This authority applies to both our guides as well as third-party service providers who are conducting tours on behalf of Mosaic Earth Travel.


We strongly recommend all travellers obtain travel insurance for their trip to cover trip interruption, cancellation, health and medical, personal belongings, as well as COVID-19 related circumstances. Mosaic Earth Travel is not responsible for obtaining travel insurance on your behalf, or advising on the appropriate level or amount of coverage.


If arriving from outside of Canada, it is your responsibility to travel with a valid passport (recommended valid for 6 months beyond your planned return date), that meets the requirements for entry into Canada, and to obtain any necessary entry visas based on your country of origin.


It is your responsibility to disclose to us any physical limitations, concerns, and pre-existing medical conditions no later than 30 days prior to the tour, should your conditions increase the risk of you requiring medical attention during the tour, or affect the normal conduct of the tour or the safety and enjoyment of other travellers. We will try to accommodate physical limitations and medical conditions as best we can, but in some cases we may recommend against participating in the tour or certain activities, or require that you seek an assessment from a medical professional. Mosaic Earth Travel reserves the right to cancel your booking at any time, with reasonable discretion, should it become evident that your physical limitations and/or medical conditions will impact the normal conduct of the tour or safety and enjoyment of other travellers.


We request that travellers also disclose any dietary restrictions via the Medical Form or in writing to Mosaic Earth Travel as soon as possible. We will do our best to accommodate dietary restrictions and food preferences, however some severe allergies and restrictions, such as Kosher, may require an additional fee or for the traveller to supply some of their own food at the travellers’ expense.


For scheduled group trips, the minimum age for travelling with Mosaic Earth Travel is 19 years of age. For private group trips, such as family groups, there is no minimum age for travelling with us; However, given the nature and focus of our itineraries and programming, we recommend travellers be a minimum of 12 years of age. The decision for anyone under 19 years of age to travel with us on a private tour is at the discretion of their legal guardian and the management of Mosaic Earth Travel. The parent or legal guardian of any travellers under the age of 19 will be required to sign a waiver and indemnity form on their behalf.



You understand that Mosaic Earth Travel and any parties working with Mosaic Earth Travel, as well as other travellers, reserve the right to take photographic or film records of any of its trips and travellers. You hereby grant full permission to Mosaic Earth Travel, and/or agents authorized by them, to use any photographs, film records, recordings, or any other record of this event, of you, for any legitimate promotional and/or commercial purposes related to Mosaic Earth Travel, without any remuneration to you. If you wish to be excluded from any photos or video capture, please notify Mosaic Earth Travel prior to your trip.


Mosaic Earth Travel requires certain personal and financial information from travellers in order to supply the travel services outlined in your itinerary. The information may be disclosed to, or collected on our behalf by our service providers to enable the services to be provided, but will not be used by them for any other purposes. More information can be found in Mosaic Earth Travel’s Privacy Policy on our website at:


When booking any type of trip with Mosaic Earth Travel, we trust that all travellers will embark on the experience with an open mind and respect for your fellow travellers, our guides and suppliers, and the communities and ecosystems we are visiting. Travellers should be prepared to be flexible, and understand that travel as part of a small group may require a level of compromise to accommodate different preferences and abilities of the other travellers.



By agreeing to these terms, you acknowledge that you are aware and understand that participation in the Tour is potentially dangerous and involves the risk of serious injury, disability, death, or property damage. You acknowledge that prior to participating in the Tour you will be required to sign an Assumption of Risk & Release of Liability Waiver from Mosaic Earth Travel. At certain times you will be required to sign an Assumption of Risk & Release of Liability Waiver form third party service providers in order to participate in third-party tours and activities during the Tour. Please contact Mosaic Earth Travel should you have any concerns or wish to review the terms of this waiver prior to confirming your booking.


This agreement is governed by the laws of the Province of British Columbia, Canada. By submitting your Traveller Booking Form, you hereby consent to the exclusive jurisdiction and venue of courts in British Columbia, Canada, in all disputes arising out of or relating to this agreement.



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