Chess Coaching

by Chess Olympiad participant



Group Chess Coaching is available for all age ranges and levels from beginner to advanced.

Person playing Chess - After-School Program by Chess Olympiad participant and local resident

The Dawson Chess Academy

Whole Life Change LLC

“Usually when I played, I just visualized only one step, now I think I can visualize two, three steps... Thank you so much! It's amazing!”

Srividhya (Shree) R.
Milford, CT

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Chess Sets Provided

Q. Do you need to bring a chess set? A. Chess sets will be provided. Hence, you do not need to bring a chess set. 

When is group Chess Coaching?

Group Chess Coaching sessions are held in person on Mondays from 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm.


Except holidays, in the event the recreation center is closed, or advance notice is provided. 

How Often?

Q. How often should I have chess lessons?

A. Once a week is recommended. That's why we offer group chess coaching weekly on Mondays.


It's recommended that in addition, you allocate time between sessions to play some slow games. It's also useful to work with your chess coach on:

  • specific aspects of your game
  • in addition to detailed game analysis.


Margaret Egan Center

35 Matthew St,

Milford, CT 06460

Room 155

Who's the Chess Coach?

Chess Olympiad participant and local Milford resident

David Dawson.

What is your one-on-one in-person Chess Coaching rate?

$100 per hour. SAVE with group Chess Coaching rate on this page and reserve one-on-one sessions for tournament preparation. 

What is your Group in-person Chess Coaching rate?

$40 per hour, once a week.

How to register?

I hope these FAQs are helpful to you, and I’d love to see you in our Group Chess Coaching sessions on Mondays at the Recreation Center. Click the "buy now" button on this page to register today.