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The 14 Day Social Freedom Challenge
Take The First Steps Towards A Bolder You!
Jumpstart Your Social Confidence One Day at a Time
Looking for a New Way to Build Social Confidence Into Your Daily Life?
Take The 14 Day Social Freedom Challenge
After completing the challenge, you will be able to:
Smile confidently before greeting people
Practice approaching without hesitation
Deliver compliments spontaneously
Attract people with your newfound charisma!

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If you need help mastering social connections or conquering approach anxiety,
now is the time to stop holding yourself back and start becoming the boldest you can be!
Ready to feel more confident in your daily life, but don't have the time to dedicate to a full coaching session?
​The 14 Day Social Freedom Challenge is your 2-week introduction to how we train here in The Courage Community. Delivered daily right to your inbox, these first steps are carefully designed to ease you into the world of Social Freedom training.
With simple, yet powerful exercises that build upon each other, the next 14 days are made to get you feeling more comfortable with being uncomfortable - setting you up for future success!
This challenge is perfect for:
  • Beginners looking for gentle exercises to help them push their comfort zones
  • Folks who want to reduce approach anxiety and hesitation around social introductions
  • People looking to get a taste of the Social Freedom mindset and have more courage in their daily lives
Don't let fear stop you before you get started!
​Start the challenge today and let our 14 free exercises get you on the road to Social Freedom success - because we’re not born brave, we become it!