The 5 Videos in 5 Days Challenge

Stop procrastinating and start creating client attracting videos now!

This challenge is designed specifically for online coaches and course creators who are hungry for success but frustrated by inconsistent revenue and leads. We understand that the desire to create engaging videos is often hindered by:

  • Uncertainty About Content: What to say on camera can be overwhelming, leading to procrastination
  • Technology Intimidation: Even the idea of setting up and recording a video might seem daunting.
  • Fear of Judgment: Worrying about how you'll be perceived may stop you from pressing 'record.'
  • Lack of Strategy: Random bursts of video content can lead to confusion and a failure to attract the clients you want.

Join us in taking the first step towards transforming your video marketing strategy. It's time to turn the camera on and let your brilliance shine.

Starts September 14th, 2023 at 12:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

        Runs EVERY DAY, until September 20th, 2023 with a bonus session on the 21st for Q&A's!


You're not alone in these struggles, but they don't have to define your business.

The "5 Videos in 5 Days Challenge" is crafted to guide you past these barriers, providing you with the tools and confidence needed to create consistent, strategic videos that attract clients and fit seamlessly into your marketing plan.

Top Takeaway

At the end of the challenge, you’ll have created 5 client-attracting videos.

Core Findings

You’ll have a framework for generating leads and starting sales conversations as a result of your videos.

Vital Lessons

No more wondering what to say. You’ll have a plan of what to say on camera to attract your ideal clients and motivate them to take action.

And Many More!

Join me on this transformative journey, and together, we'll craft the 5 videos that will supercharge your client attraction.

Your camera, my guidance – let's make magic happen!

Introduction Video

Surprise them!

Show what you know!

Social proof

Show me the money!

Stop Procrastinating, Start Creating: Register Now!

A little bit about Andrea

Can you imagine getting on a sales call with someone who is already convinced to buy before you even open your mouth?

That’s what’s possible with a strategic video strategy.


Andrea Stenberg is a video marketing strategist, helping coaches and other heart-centered entrepreneurs explode their visibility, show off their expertise and get new clients using video.


If you don’t know what to say, hate how you look and are intimidated by the technology, Andrea helps you quickly and confidently make client attracting videos. Stop making it up as you go along and start using a proven video strategy to attract new clients.


An award-winning blogger, Andrea’s experience includes: 

  • Helping a client land a major institutional client from one short video,
  • Creating a marketing campaign that generated $1.3 million in sales in a single year,
  • Growing a client’s Facebook page by 361% in two months,
  • Being in the top 5% of most viewed profiles on LinkedIn.




Voices of Our Community

Andrea is the go-to guru for business social media. She has the answers, the insight and the know-how to make it happen.


Vic Michener


Andrea is the experienced professional you want to help take your business to the next level. She's brilliant, charming, talented, helpful, and a consummate professional. I've worked with many marketing professionals in my career - across Canada and the US - and Andrea is really top-drawer talent. Can't wait to have her on another project.


Butchart Estate, Kimberley Love


Andrea delivered an amazing presentation to our Makers Business Academy group on "5 Videos to Boost Your Visibility and Grow Your Business". Her engaging style and expertise made an impact on the group, who appreciated and valued the knowledge she shared. Thank you, Andrea, for generously sharing your wisdom with us.


Anahita Shahrvini


Andrea opened potential for me with my videos. She made me realize that no matter how much I improved my knowledge or skills, if I didn't get my message seen, no one would ever know.  


Yvonne McCoy, Business Women's Strategist