Tired of babysitting adults while leading a project to the finish line?

Discover the 5 Most Effective Practices to Effortlessly Improve Your Leadership Skills and Help Your Team Get More Done in Less Time

Guarantee: We're so confident in our leadership training that if you don't walk away from this training with at least one new idea to implement with your team, we'll give you your money back. No questions asked.

We can all agree that babysitting is a great job for tweens, but I’m willing to bet it’s not what you signed up for as an adult, and yet, here you are…

  • Micromanaging SMEs (or your team)
  • Missing or cutting deadlines too close
  • Working overtime, weekends, and holidays without the recognition or dollars
  • Re-doing work that wasn't done quite right

Imagine if, instead of babysitting or micromanaging, you could empower them instead…

  • To make decisions…
  • Take actions…
  • Heck, even make their own mistakes so long as they learn and grow from them.

When you join me for the
Five Practices to Improve Your Leadership
workshop, you’ll walk away with the power to do exactly that.


✅ The ability to influence and trust both SMEs and internal team members
✅ Arm yourself with a more efficient, empathetic, and empowering approach to getting stuff done
Create accountability without turning into Bill Lumbergh (“Hello Peter, what's happening? Ummm, I'm gonna need you to go ahead come in tomorrow...mmmk...”)
✅ Start a ripple effect of empowered action takers all around you
✅ If you don't walk away from this training with at least one new idea to implement with your team, we'll give you your money back. No questions asked.

Here’s what our past participants are saying about the workshop…

"The ability to interact with other participants in the small group setting with an actionable scenario was a highlight of the training. If I could turn back time, I wish I had this type of training when I was working at [an engineering firm] in Portland, Oregon - maybe I would have been able to stay there longer.”


- Evan Dust



“I think my biggest a-ha moment was discovering how to manage to different skill levels. I tend to over-explain the how, so I think it was a good reminder to let them learn to fail.”


- Cassie Bernard




“I liked that the key takeaways were broken down into 5 main principles and there were smaller steps/action items to incorporate to achieve the overarching principle.”


- Devyn Lozzi, PE





“The training provided steps I could implement within my team and it has already resulted in better trust with teammates.”


- Vikrant Thapa Gautam, CF APMP



Meet Your (Jedi) Master Trainer - Angie Wolfe

It's true that Angie began as an intern to leading multi-billion dollar pursuits through much hard work and sacrifice. With 19 years of proposal management and marketing experience in the AEC industry, Angie ventured out from the corporate world, founded Ideas at Dawn in 2019, and has served AEC clients with a deeper purpose. Burnt out by the poor leadership, she now helps firms increase productivity and revenue through leadership training.



"You don't have to be a manager to want to hone leadership skills. If you'd like to influence anyone on your team to be more devoted to the end goal, this training is for you." -Angie

What makes the Ideas at Dawn leadership training different from anything else?

It’s a
co-learning environment.


It includes multiple generations.

This isn’t just a training, it’s a collaborative workshop. You’ll have an opportunity to share your thoughts, helping yourself and everyone learn even more.

No two workshops will be the same because I’m constantly adding to the material as I learn and grow myself.

Even though I’ll be your guide, you’ll be with people from mixed backgrounds, generations, and industries to understand how to lead all types of people.

It’s a STEAL at only $147.

How much is it worth to you to never have to babysit adults again? And how much more could you get done if you could inspire an “all hands on deck” culture with every project on your plate? You know the answer…you’d pay more than $147 to get results like that.

Here’s what else you’ll get for
FREE just for signing up…

✅ The Five Practices to Improve Leadership Workbook eBook - so you’ll more easily retain the information, and you’ll be able to refer back to it anytime you need a refresher ($97 VALUE)
Lifetime access to the recordings of the training - it’s like having the Jedi Master herself in your back pocket ($497 VALUE)
✅ A 60-minute consultation with me (Angie) where you’ll receive an actionable plan to solve your work challenges (instant ROI!) ($825 VALUE)
✅ Plus, all live attendees will be entered into win a professional tool template ($47 VALUE) or a leadership book from my bookstore (~$30 VALUE).

That’s over $1400 in FREE bonuses that are my gifts to you.

Still thinking about it? Any good leader would be, which means you’re the perfect fit for the workshop.
If you need that extra nudge, take a look at what others are saying…

“My biggest takeaways were the tips for pushing others into growth and giving them the what and why but not how.”

- Tre Dugal

“This was one of the best training sessions that I have attended in my career.”


- Evan Dust

“I thought I just needed emotional intelligence and empathy [to be a better leader]. I learned about so much more!”

- Cassie Bernard



If you’d like to become the kind of leader you would look up to…

One who leads from the front and works and guides others to work efficiently so that you can gain back your time, energy, and respect...


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Guarantee: We're so confident in our leadership training that if you don't walk away from this training with at least one new idea to implement with your team, we'll give you your money back. No questions asked.