Boost Energy, Lose Weight, Calm Your Hormones…

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Build Muscle & Balance Hormones Masterclass featuring

Meet the powerhouse duo Anna & Em!

Founders of Soul Sister Health (and real life sisters!)


We have a desire to simplify health and fitness for busy mums and inspire them to make small sustainable changes to their day-to-day, in order to be their best most kick-ass self.


We're self-proclaimed lovers of all things health with a good dose of ‘everything in balance’.


We are one personal trainer and one exercise physiologist and both certified Integrative Health Coaches, and we established SSH to pursue our passion for women’s health and to inspire women everywhere to reclaim their health, put themselves first and feel their freakin’ best.


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I created this for you to finally help you...

  • Understand why most popular workouts currently aren’t doing you any favours
  • Get your energy BACK & let go of unhelpful beliefs around exercise
  • Understand why your workouts could be contributing to unwanted weight gain 
  • Access a hormone conscious workout plan to take home & start using straight away
  • Create a clear path to navigate your health & body goals
  • Become the best version of you (who says your 20s are your peak!?)

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"Everything was explained in such a way that made complete sense to me. I was no longer at the mercy of my hormones, I could regain control and empowerment through knowledge to rebalance everything. I feel every day I continue to get healthier and healthier."


– Gemma


"Your masterclasses and info have helped me learn so much about my own body and just general female health – no GP or even my mum had this information for me before. I absolutely love your approach. Thank you."


–– Dasha 


"I really love the holistic approach of your masterclasses and I have made subtle changes in my whole lifestyle. I believe that everything in the body is linked to everything else and I am now more in tune with listening to what my body is telling me."


– Gina