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Learn the subtle dance of letting go & reclaim your energy with SIMPLIFYING.



Meet Catherine, the Ruthless Minimalist & Creator of Space.

With over a decade of experience weaving minimalism through homes and workspaces Catherine delights in teaching how to radically improve your life by embracing minimalism.


Connect with Catherine's work ahead of the Masterclass:

I created this for you to finally help you...

  • Bring effortless ease into your life and ditch the excess and declutter we have accepted as 'living'
  • Reduce overwhelm and stress by creating healthier habits with ease
  • Open up the flow of abundance into your life
  • Learn the few things you can do each day to bring calm and balance
  • Feel clear and calm in your environment
  • Think, sleep, feel and function the way you born to be
  • Become intentional in the life you wish to live... and watch the flow on effect to your health, your hormones and your life

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