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A 5 week program incorporating  personal training, nutrition, and accountability. We develop the program with a simple formula.  The formula incorpperates your goals, what successes you have had in the past, what you are doing now, combined with our 25+years of training experience. This program is designed specially for you! 


Think of your body as a machine, a car for instance. A car will continue to go even if there's something wrong ,depending on how bad the issue is. It may not run right, it may feel weird, slow, or rough, but it will keep on going. When the issue gets too substantial, the car will stop.
Our bodies work much the same way. There may be many issues going on, but our body will continue, sluggish and slow, moving forward.
We recognize the problem, but how do we fix it?

The "Fresh Start Program" is the fix!



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Semi-Private Training

Our semi private training allows you to share your time with a trainer to give you the accountability, education, and a support you need to maintain a well rounded fitness routine to reach your goals.



Nutrition Planning

After assessing your current diet patterns including food choices, timing and portions, our nutrition planner will assist you in developing an eating plan that will help you to meet your personal goals. We work toward creating a customized plan that you can use and adapt throughout your lifetime.

Personal Training

Our certified personal trainers will design and implement a fitness routine customized to help you meet your fitness goals and provide the support, knowledge and accountability to help you get there.



  1. "I recommend Life Fitness Management to all my friends. When you walk in the door you're greeted by friendly staff who call you by your name. I attend a small group class lead by trainer l, Justin Smith. Our class consists of 3-4 people over the age of sixty with Individual concerns such as a history of total knee replacement, shoulder pain, and back pain. Justin is very familiar with our concerns and modifies our exercise routine accordingly so we can maximize our exercise routine without Injury. As a retired physical therapist I appreciate his knowledge of physical conditioning. Justin is kind and gentle but encourages us to become stronger to enable us to participate in activities outside of the gym. We are family at LFM and I look forward to every exercise session. "
    -Kathy Dowell

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