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December 2022

Your best life is inside of the genius you haven't embraced yet.

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How to Elevate Performance Under Pressure

Your best life is inside of the genius you haven't embraced yet.


The transformation you are about to experience in my new book, DEVELOPING TRUE GRIT, will be unlike anything else. You'll unlock new depths of Positivity, Energy and Enthusiasm that were never thought possible for your life before now! I know what it's like when everything seems out-of-reach... But don't worry because while reading this book I explain how we can bring any dream or goal into fruition together - so our minds get conditioned properly first.

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About the Author:


Brian P. Swift

Success Coach | Author | Speaker


I know what it’s like to face tremendous obstacles and thrive all the way through it. Many people come to me with limiting beliefs and doubts that hold them back. But I believe that everyone is capable of success. And that’s why I’ve spent over 30 years developing hundreds of successful leaders.


Neuro Linguistic Programming is a fascinating field that has helped me learn all about human performance. I'm able to share the power and impact of having an "on point" mindset with my clients, so they can be their best selves too!


Brian Swift is an extraordinary leader, coach and mentor that one only comes across several times in one’s life. He is incredibly inspirational and knowledgeable with the ability to grow and empower others.  


He leads both by example and through his excellent curriculum. I would highly recommend reading any materials or books he has written. If you have the opportunity to attend one of his training secessions or workshops do it.


Kevin Brown

COO The King’s College

You are about to discover the secret of how you can unlock your grit so that everything in life starts moving.

Growth Mindset (left brain)

  • Failure is an opportunity to grow
  • I can learn to do anything I want
  • Challenges help me to grow
  • I'm inspired by the success of others
  • I like to try new things

Fixed Mindset (right brain)

  • Failure is the limit of my abilities
  • I'm either good at it or I'm not
  • I don't like to be challenged
  • Jealous by the success of others
  • I stick with the old methods

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The things you want to have happen

→ Will Happen ← once and for all… Finally!

Your life is yours to create.

You are the master of your own future.

You decide what you attract.

Success is your choice.

It is rare to have someone who believes in you more than you believe in yourself, but that’s the kind of friend and mentor that I have in Brian Swift.


I was stuck in a career rut that Brian challenged me again, questioning why I settled on a path that was not leading me to be the best version of myself. He prodded and poked, until I could see for myself that I was meant for more, eventually guiding me to a career in sales. That career grew and prospered, through different companies and levels of management, until I found myself leading a large organization, responsible for a billion dollars of revenue, and feeling a bit overwhelmed. It was then that I again turned to Brian, for guidance and leadership, and to help me build an executive presence worthy of my title.


I can’t say it any more clearly than this – I wouldn’t be where I am today, or be the person I am, if it weren’t for the positive influence of Brian Swift.

Michael McCauley


Get your signed copy as soon as the book is launched!


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