You and ADHD


Gain clarity on how your ADHD brain works.  


You will gain confidence and output strategies to structure yourself, your day, your environment to control your attention and focus efficiently.


Learn how to manage you and your ADHD.


Does this Sound Familiar?

  • "What? It is 4 pm already and I haven't got anything completed?!"
  • Lots of small sh!t done, but nothing important.
  • A quick update with a team member turns into a 30-minute conversation.
  • I will take that call because it will take only 2 minutes.
  • I will take on that new quick project because I can fit it in.
  • Sh!t! Now I have to work late, that project is due tomorrow morning.


The Problems They Cause

  • Distractions cause problems with the team, clients and delay projects.
  • I am an imposter!
  • Delayed projects affect the bank account - less return business.


So, how do you ever get out of this downward spiral?


Is there even a way?



Yes There Is A Way!
The truth is you are not a failure when distractions take over.


It is your ADHD brain that has been allowed to run free unmanaged.


Your ADHD brain thrives with structure. You can create that!


Controlled environment, routines, systems, and boundaries equals structure.


With structure, distractions are reduced, your attention is increased and allows you to focus.


Image This My Friend
You walk into the office, you have your to-do list, you get sh!t done, and you get home on time.


Imagine all the pride and self-confidence you will feel.


Wouldn’t that be an amazing and energizing feeling to be able to say that daily?


It doesn't end there!


You will be extra supportive of your team and your clients.


More joy at work and more money in the bank!


You will enjoy work again!


Do you want to learn the first step to creating a controlled environment?



André Brisson is on an incredible mission to help those gifted with ADHD to harness their talent, improve and develop their lives and relationships.  It is an honour and pleasure to connect and experience André’s passion first-hand.


Jaret Henhoeffer

Cofounder, Stage Left Partners

President, Penguin Power

I am grateful for all of our very real, strategic, honest and thoughtful conversations - you definitely challenge my thinking, force me to think deeper and push a little more…. and to be more direct (which I have trouble with) It makes for a much different kind of day/appreciation for my role.

Nicole Solitar

Program Advisor, Strategic Coach

The Groundwork To Maintaining

Control of Your Environemnt  and ADHD

Identify your distractions and frustrations and understand how they affect your day.  Understand your triggers and root causes.

Learn how ADHD affects your executive functioning and develop strategies to manage your ADHD symptoms.

Reduce work hours and project delays by using personalized tools and systems to improve your time management. Learn how to visualize time.

Examine your work environment and create new habits, routines, and systems to improve output, project execution, and do what you planned!.

Discover your boundaries, barriers, and non-acceptables to build your client relationships, concentrate your attention to growing your company, and grow your self-confidence.

Create an action plan to apply your new knowledge and systematize a structure that works for you and for your ADHD.

Your Unique Journey


This course allows you to work through a proven process to find solutions customized to you and your ADHD.

Weekly Live Group Calls


We meet weekly to discuss and work through the weekly content.

You'll receive feedback and helpful tips from André to dive deeper into the challenges and solutions you are working to identify and overcome.

Assignments and Tools


Each week you will be given tools to complete and submit to André.  André will provide you with feedback and ensure you're getting to the real roof of each challenge.

Like-Brained Community


Throughout the course you will have access to a community with other course participants.  You will be able to network and discuss important topics related to course conten to assist in completing weekly tools and assignements.  Did I tell you, we all have ADHD, like-brained!!!

The ADHD Simplifier

André Brisson

The ADHD Simplifier

André has a special ability to simplify complexities and solve difficult problems.   Diagnosed with severe ADHD and mild Aspergers (ASD) late in life, the mechanisms and systems he created to overcome his undiagnosed ADHD have helped him succeed.  He credits his undiagnosed ADHD as key to his success and also a factor in restricting success.

André has started multiple companies and the first two failed. Learning from those failures, André now operates three successful companies including a self-managing entrepreneurial engineering firm specializing in niche markets.

For 20+ years, André has maintained a hyper-focused interest in personal growth, strength building, studying intensely to increase his knowledge and discover ways to apply these concepts to his team and you.  He shares his knowledge with The Impulsive Thinker Podcast.

Since discovering how to turn his ADHD into a strength, people have sought him out for help with using their ADHD as a strength to drive success.

Why Participate in You and ADHD?

You will be able to...



"I have control of my ADHD and success!"


You will have the ability to manage yourself, your ADHD and manage your environment.



You will feel confident because you regained control of your ADHD, attention, focus, and improve your output and freedom.


Take Actions


You will be able to create strategies, systems, routines to overcome your ADHD challenges as they come up and evolve with time, experience, and circumstances.

Let's Talk, I Want To Help You

This is a lot to process, I respect that. 

If you are not ready to talk, please subscribe to our newsletter and keep in touch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Qualify For the You and ADHD Program?


To qualify for the You and ADHD program:

  • You are a high-achieving entrepreneur who lives with ADHD.
  • You set goals and achieve them, then set new goals to achieve.
  • You have been in business for a minimum of 3 years.
  • You have a team working with you and supports your business.
  • You have a personal income of $150,000 annually.
  • You have most of your ADHD figured out and you need that last piece of the puzzle.
  • You are ready for a transformation and work on yourself for personal growth and acceptance.
  • You want to regain control of your time game and play from a place of clarity.
  • You can commit the time every week to meet and work on your growth.
  • You are open and coachable and take full responsibility for the life you have created.
  • You take ownership of your faults, mistakes, and mess-ups to learn from your mistakes.
  • You are open to honest feedback and a lifelong learner.

How Do I Sign Up To Take This Course?

  1. You listen to the videonar, the free training.
  2. You schedule an Exploration Call without team.
  3. If we are a good fit to work together, you pay the fee.
  4. Then you get started!!

What Is The Investment Amount Of The Program?

Are you ready for a transformation? Imagine if you can regain 1 day a month, every 2 weeks, or even weekly?  How much money can you earn with that extra day?


The investment is in the $7,500 - $10,000 USD range.  


We do offer limited financing options.

What is The Format of The Program?

  • It is a hybrid format: online learning and live group coaching sessions.
  • Videos, audios, & simplification tools to learn about you, your ADHD, and how to manage them.
  • You submit homework for review by our team and we provide feedback.
  • One weekly, 2-hour, group coaching calls focused on your work and challenges.
  • An on-line community to support, share, learn, and meet like-minded and like-brained ADHD entrepreneurs.
  • Lifetime access to all recorded materials plus updates.

What is an Exploration Call?

An Exploration Call is a call you have with a Tactical Breakthroughs team member.  In this call, we will dive deep into your challenges and evaluate them to determine if we are in a position to help you.  


Be aware, we will go deep because that is only way you can solve the problem – by identifying the true problem.  We do not band-aid symptoms of problems, we dig deep to find the problem and solve that problem which will make many symptoms disappear.  


This will also allow you to determine if we are the right fit for you and if our process will work for you.  We only want to work with people who want to be helped, and those we can help.

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