Activate the "Reward Pathway" in Your Kids

Introducing America's first creative technology program from Super Rare Kids…the only online Coding@Home method that will…


Teach your kids a whole new programming language…in one day, at home, with just a computer.


Super Rare Kids’ easy 3-step system gives your kids everything they need to be a “coder”!


Parents, this is how you can gain more confidence in your children.


No extra driving required, no waiting for the bus ... just see results within days!

Made just for busy parents by busy parents Coding@Home from Super Rare Kids gives you....


less tech-phobia, less worry and no more wondering what your kid is up to behind that screen.


“I can’t keep ignoring my kid…


“I don’t want my kids to learn bad things online…


“At some point, I must let them move ahead of my own limited tech skills…


Everyone knows parenting in this new technology age is not easy. Too many changes too fast, it’s hard to keep up.


And if you find yourself worried about how to get your kids online safely, letting them become ‘online gamers’ and their ability to understand new technology…you are not alone. 


No matter what you do next - stick with me while I introduce you to a new 3 step system to teach your kids real computer programming – at their level.


Without draining your energy, without feeling like a failure and without any more fights with your kids.


Hi, I’m Rachel Koenig


Founder of Super Rare Kids, mother of two tech-loving kids and a new fan of online gaming. 


I’m not a tech genius, in fact way before I dedicated my life to education, I never even went near the Nintendo Gameboy and Sega Genesis as a child. 

I got my first email address in college, but I had nobody to email and I never used it.


But when I had my first kid everything changed! 


In 2016 I became a happy first-time mother and quickly decided my kids would have better everything than I had when I was growing up. 


I mean - isn’t that what we all think and hope for as parents?


Well, things get out of hand quick! 6 months into parenthood my infant child who could only make baby noises, had her own iPad! 


There I was propping up her iPad to play in restaurants or should we endure the horror of a dead battery, giving her my cell phone for her to watch or play with. 


I was suddenly very disappointed in myself but unsure how to change things.


Sound familiar?


Not until much later, right before I started Super Rare Kids, did I finally see how this little iPad was that tool that opened my daughter’s “reward pathways.”


How do I know this?


My daughter will stick with anything until she gets the reward, even if she fails. And, she is always on a mission to get the ‘next level’.


What I learned about this “reward pathway” has also been studied at American's top universities. 


Learning computer programming at an easy beginner level has helped my daughter…and it can help your family too. 

Coding@Home is a Fast Track to Improved  Focus, Goal Setting and Academic Performance


My unique Coding@Home program offers you the parent an easy, high-tech solution.


Now you can give your kids a fun, engaging way to learn computer programming.


Within a very short time, sometimes even just a day, they will be building lines of code that move characters in a game or create their own sound effects…and they can do this all by themselves!  


You can even elevate their experience with our private servers where only they and a few other Super Rare Kids can play on together.


It’s like a virtual play date-100% free for all Coding@Home Ultimate Members! More on that in a minute…


Every child enrolled in will receive...

  • Rewards for completion
  • Motivational messages 
  • Achievement recognition
  • Parent progress notes

All while learning how to do Coding@Home in easy self-paced online classes. 


Just imagine…


o   The joy of watching your kids jump into any game…not standing on the sidelines


o   Being able to relax for an hour while your kid does Coding@Home


o   Seeing your kid fail then get back up…no more rushing to the rescue!


o   Your child bringing home a teacher’s note about amazing new developments they see in your kid


o   The relief when you see your kid engages in new activities, without any anxiety


o   Your kid adopting a mission mindset…and not giving up easily


o   Observing your kids making new ‘allies’ in any setting

Coding@Home Activates The “Reward Pathway” In Your Kids …

for better mental health, more optimism and emotional resilience!


What’s the opposite of play? 


In parent speak we all answer the same: “work.” But the answer in kid speak is “sadness.” 


For kids the opposite of play isn’t work, it is loneliness and sadness.

Let’s be honest, kids had it rough during the pandemic.


Less freedom to play, less time with grandparents, friends and


…schools that despite their best efforts, struggled to keep up.


Super Rare Kids wants you to feel confident your kids will get everything back that was once theirs ... and more!

      >     Strong relationships

      >     A 'No Fear' attitude

      >     Sunny optimism and...

       >    Excitement for the future 

"My son and his dad teamed up and battled each other the first day of trying Coding@Home.. They had fun doing it and it was easy to set up and get going."

- Mary, South Carolina.

Help Your Kid Gain New Skills!

This is exactly why I created a boutique company - to give all families access to a creative, flexible non-franchise solution.  Solutions that work for busy families like.....

·   Get 24/7 access to our Coding@Home in-depth training videos

·   Advanced modules & in-depth projects available for fast learners

·   Super Rare Kids is a growing community. Join today to stay connected!

·   Learn new concepts and submit requests for new things that your family want.

·   Make life-changing progress in just a few minutes a day

·   Get reacquainted with your kids’ creative side and watch them thrive

·   Attend live group coaching calls and get a step-by-step action plan

·   Get answers & advice from Rachel as she helps all parents of Super Rare Kids

100% online, self-paced & easy to stick with.

New connections with families who want what you do!

At Super Rare Kids we help you conquer the toughest, most stressful parenting challenges, including ...

  • Technology-phobia
  • Difficulty motivating your kids
  • Anger & aggression
  • Bullying problems
  • Emotional connection
  • Homework battles
  • Sibling rivalries
  • Online safety
  • Teacher-student relationship

Introducing Coding@Home Ultimate Access!

This gets you everything you need for only $90/month.

Registration fees waived for a limited time - this saves you $109 instantly!


And it is guaranteed to transform your family... or your money back

If you don't see positive, life-changing results in your kid after just 90 days, we'll be happy to refund your money. No questions asked.


There’s absolutely NO risk. You have nothing to lose ... and everything to gain.


That’s right, for just a few dollars a day you get parent favorites like...

>     Students Only - Private Server Game Play provides a monitored, fun and safe gaming experience

>     Lively, instructor led virtual classes - via pre-recorded video!

>     Access to over 15 hours of computer-based instruction - that’s 30 minutes per day for a whole month!

>     A full curriculum tested by 1,000s of students around the world-offered in one month increments. 

>     Watch your kids move up from Coder level to Pro level - at the speed they are comfortable with. 

>     Learn 3 different programming languages

>     Progressive 12 missions your kids will challenge themselves with and learn from!

Coding@Home First-Student Special

This is a 30-day limited trial offer - $99 per student

Registration fees waived for a limited time - this saves you $99 instantly!


That’s right, for just a few dollars a day you get parent favorites like...

>     Students Only - Private Server Game Play provides a monitored, fun and safe gaming experience

>     Lively, instructor led virtual classes - via pre-recorded video!

>     A full curriculum tested by 1,000s of students around the world-offered monthly.

>     Watch your kids move up complete the Coder level - at the speed they are comfortable with. 

>     Learn different programming languages

>    Complete missions your kids can feel proud of. 

Join Me on My Mission to Help Kids We Love - Win!!

Prepare for the future. Today.
Everyone needs to learn how to program.

It’s like knowing how to read and write. 

Don’t wait until your kids go to college to learn skills for future careers. 

Take action now and enjoy watching them move ahead of their peers!


- Rachel, Founder of Super Rare Kids

My daughter Karas, age 8, enjoys building new maps for Roblox during her Super Rare Kids class time.

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