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January, 16-18, 2024

Courageously Step Into YOUR Greatest Future

...Even In the Midst of Uncertainty & Volatility

Break free from stagnation & unlock possibilities!

Interactive VIRTUAL LIVE Experience ~ January 16-18, 2024




Go From Stuck to Unstoppable!
Turn Your Greatest Vision Into Meaningful Impact!



Here’s What You’ll Discover

Step Into Next-Level Success Without Sacrificing Your Soul

Break free from stagnation to unlock greater possibilities! Unleash your vision! Transform it into life-changing impact and reclaim your energy, time, and productivity.

You don't have to DO more

to HAVE more!

Train Your Brain to Work

FOR You, Not Against You

Capitalize on opportunities and make aligned decisions quicker in this ever-changing world. Unless you know these secrets, you are fighting against yourself every day and not getting as far along in your life and business as you could be.

Navigate Change With Certainty & Ease

Create unshakable confidence to step into the unknown. Go further faster, with a few small shifts.

Remove the resistance, self-sabotage, and procrastination that prevents you from stepping into your greatest calling with certainty.



● You feel called to something greater, but you're stuck and don't know what to do next.


● You recognize the world is changing fast and NOW is the time to bring your vision to the world and create the impact you truly desire.


● You want to get off the hamster wheel and unlock your untapped resources of energy, time, and freedom.


● Your plate is so full you can't possibly DO more than you're already doing...yet you still yearn to create meaningful impact.


● You want to 10X your productivity and creativity to take aligned action with certainty, confidence, and ease.


● You are ready to "reboot" and step into your power as a Courageously Authentic Leader. 


What Past Attendees Are Saying

““I was at the top of my career already and I was blown away at how fast I shifted into creating more time, energy and opportunities to lead on my terms. I am finally stepping into my true purpose and became a stronger leader for my team, my family, and myself. Tina brought the missing pieces I had been searching for.”


- Ron Hendrix

District Manager, Farmers Insurance

"I cannot believe how Tina’s programs have changed my day-to-day life and outlook on the future. I am more productive with much-needed family/life balance, and have a deeper understanding of how to manage my workload and team. I truly recommend everybody go through her programs if you want to function at an optimum level!"

- Josh Zimmet

Director of Operations, BLS Trucking

“Tina is truly a motivational visionary. Working with her over the past ten years, there isn't a hurdle she can't overcome. Her coaching helped me gain clarity around what’s possible for my career, I am creating opportunities beyond what I previously imagined, and being present for myself and my family is finally a reality.”

- Beth Horine

Colonel, US Air Force

“SCALE UP was time well spent! I learned so much about myself and gained valuable insight and tools to help me move forward. I won't hesitate to do another training by Tina Parker. She has taken her years and dollars invested to produce such a quality package for others to digest and run with. I feel stronger as a result!”

- Julie Richards

Chief Encouragement Officer & Coach

“Tina does a great job of presenting topics that we all have a tendency to avoid or dismiss in such an approachable and safe way that it becomes easy to open doors most of us keep shut. There were several topics covered but the class would have been well worth my time even if we had only covered one.”

- Rich Steffen

Business Transformation Coach

Still Not Convinced?

This Event Will Show You How To...


● Rewire your brain to work FOR you not against you.


● Learn the surprising three words that dramatically increase your credibility.


● Unlock the hidden secret that gifts you precious hours of peak performance every day.

● Discover a simpler way to tap into your unique strengths and take action on your greatest ideas.

● Create unshakable clarity and confidence to step into the unknown and take the lead in your life & business.

● Conquer fear and shatter self-sabotage to claim your true potential.

You can choose to stay stuck,

or you can

SCALE-UP to be the


Join the SCALE-UP Virtual Live Experience!


About Your Host ~ Tina Parker

As a seasoned coach and founder of two successful businesses, a retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel, and former C-Level Executive, I understand first-hand the challenges of feeling stuck, burnt out and maxed out in a world that is changing faster than most leaders feel equipped to keep up with.

Like many high-performers and visionary leaders, I once poured my heart and soul into my career, operating at max capacity and racking up accomplishments and accolades, yet I still felt there was something bigger for me to contribute.

The hustle and grind was slowly killing me (literally) and suffocating my creativity and innovative insights. I knew there had to be a better way to step into my purpose without selling my soul! 

Through years of studying with world-renowned experts in neuroscience, leadership, executive coaching, and human transformation, I developed a science-backed, heart-centered approach that skyrocketed my energy, fulfillment, clarity, and productivity. I took bold action to go all in on my ultimate life-purpose and I became a better leader, spouse, and parent. 

Along this journey, I have guided hundreds of visionary leaders to unlock opportunities, lead with courage and authenticity, and turn their greatest vision into meaningful impact. I believe that with just a few small shifts we can all unleash the Courageously Authentic Leader within to unlock possibilities and create the meaningful impact we were born for.

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