Crissy, also know as the Product Label Queen, found  her love for designing when her one year old son King David was diagnosed with Pediatric Cancer on April 3,2017. During his journey while confined to the 4 walls in the hospital room, she was able to create beautiful custom party favor labels. This kept her busy and also acted as a stress reliever during treatment. The brand colors represent childhood cancer.
In 2020 King David completed his cancer treatment. He is currently in remission.That same year, the Product Label Queen Launched. The Product Label Queen adds visual impact to your products with high quality product labels. We also are familiar with the FDA requirements.We are a label printing service that specializes in label designing and printing for skincare, health and beauty products. Branding your products with Royalty!


Health and beauty brands hire me to simplify the labeling process and create beautiful, clean, eye-catching labels without making them feel overwhelmed by the technical side of things, so they can increase the visibility of their brand, attract their target audience, and have time to do what they love most ( WHICH IS TO CREATE)
Our mission is to deliver print and creative solutions by providing high quality product labels.  Through efficient manufacturing practices and skilled craftsmanship, we deliver the best high quality product labels at a competitive price. We help our customers solve visibility problems.

Our Core Values


We are very passionate in what we do. Every day we seek out ways to go above and beyond for our customers.


We actively give back to our community and strengthen childhood cancer families.


We have a curiosity for inventive new products that will lead to a positive return on investment.


Exceptional service
We treat every client interaction as an opportunity to develop long lasting relationships. We have the ability to listen, and ask meaningful questions to be able to provide solutions for our customers.


We provide outstanding service as well as products that together will be a premium value to our customers.


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