Jazz Master Series

Whether you are just starting out, an experienced guitarist, transitioning from another style of guitar, or new to playing your instrument, this may be the best 60 minutes you spend that could transform your approach to playing.

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Howard Alden sits down with Mike to offer his suggestions on how to approach guitar from a jazz perspective and his insights on really learning a song.  In addition, Howard offers one-on-one tips for Mike in a Jazz guitar duo setting that he was able to instantly apply to improve his comping.

Second is Steve Herberman, discussing some of the most common subjects facing jazz guitarists: Ear training, chords, and phrasing.

Finally, in the third video lesson in this free series, Tom Lippincott presents his approach to practicing in a way that will help bring joy every time you pick up your instrument. 

“These are some of the best most well organized guitar lessons available on the net. Be prepared to spend months digesting all the material, because each lesson is a novel, not a pamphlet of info.”

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