Achieve your Dreams and Goals Faster and Easier in 2025 with this
24 Hour Think Time Getaway 1 Hour South of Nashville.

Thrive 2025

A yearly 24 hour getaway to help ADHD High Achievers get your brain on your team so you can live your dreams.

Purpose & Productivity Coaching by Christine Wilson, LPC, of Think Time. 

Meals by The Kindred Farm Team.

You've got them, but who's got you?

Every October, you lead your team to define your yearly plans and dreams.

But, every September, who leads you?

Hi, I'm Christine.
I believe in your dreams.

I am a Counselor turned Coach and Creator of the First Whole Brain Planner. My company Think Time creates whole brain tools and training that drive amazing results and has been changing lives for 8 years.


I am so excited about our FIRST annual Think Time yearly Dream Planning Event.


My goal is to transform the way you think about time.


I want you to stop accepting busy and distracted as the norm for your life.


I want you to not only feel calm and fully present in your own life, but here's the fun part!


From this calm, confident place, I also want you to achieve your dreams and goals faster and easier like so many Think Timers experience every day.


When you leave this event, it is my goal that you will feel the confidence that you have what it takes to get the right things done. I hope you'll join us!


You are crazy busy!!

How can you
fight distractions & find time?

If you have more to do than time to do it...

If you are constantly distracted...

If you have important work on hold...


This is for you.

Screen Free in Tennessee

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As you drive to this destination, you may notice your lungs expanding. Finally, you can breathe!  

At this 24 hour screen-free in Tennessee dream-planning workshop, I will guide you through exercises that use the mind-brain-body connection to help you access your deepest desires and discover what matters most to you.

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As you get in touch with your hopes and dreams, I will help you to not only confidently envision what is possible, but also use your giftedness to get all of your wild and crazy ideas on the table.

You will engage creative thinking to explore limitless possibilities...then, tie it all together with tried & true productivity to help you get more of the right things done in less time.

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This event is designed to help you not only create a clear plan that will fight distractions, but also be sure it is aligned with your deepest values. My unique skill is to help you strengthen this alignment through a whole-brain whole-life lens. You experience increased opportunity to get your brain on your team so you can  live your dreams.

What makes Think Time different?

At Think Time, we not only help you identify what matters most to you, but we also show you how to regularly prime your brain to fight distractions and find time so you can achieve your dreams and goals faster and easier.

What are people saying?


"I was checking off boxes, but not even knowing why. Think Time brought me from toxic productivity to purposeful productivity."  

- Bekah, business professional, life coach, mom


"With Think Time, I felt even MORE connected with the needs of my wife and my kids even the year I launched my business. Think Time helps you feel present in your own life. You can't put a price tag on that."

 - Evan, engineer, entrepreneur, dad


"When I start to feel overwhelmed, I pull out my Think Time, move through the process, and I know exactly the 2 or 3 things I need to do right now. Christine, you make it so easy for us."

- Heather, philanthropist, nonprofit owner

Hosted @ The Kindred Farm

Meet my friends, Christine and Steven Bailey

Author & Private Chef. Owners of The Kindred Farm.


"On our 17 acres in Santa Fe, Tennessee, we're raising vibrant produce, flowers, and bees in a sustainable way that heals the land and grows into beautiful food.


We also gather the community at long farm tables under the stars at our seasonal Kindred Dinners.


We believe life is meant to be shared in community.


Kindred Farm is a place where you can come and be nourished: find connection in the land, in community, and around the table. Slow down, exhale, and then take some “kindred” home with you, wherever you go."

You have important dreams and goals!

Get Clarity & Find Time

There is no more important investment you can make in yourself than discovering what matters most and finding time for it.

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What's Included?

You need a safe place to set aside 24 hours a year to exhale, be pampered, and give focused time to your dreams and goals - in a way designed with your ADHD brain in mind.


I want you to get clarity and connect with your purpose so you can find time for your most important people & projects in the coming year.


I want you to Thrive in 2025!

Think Time's First Annual "Thrive 2025"
September 27-28th
Santa Fe, Tennessee

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Thrive 2025 Package

  • Undated Think Time Planner for 2025
  • 24 hour getaway 1 hour south of Nashville in a lovely barn on a remote flower farm
  • Guided Think Time Yearly Dream Planning Sessions with Christine Wilson
  • Guided Program and Dream Planning 5pm-9pm Friday and 9am-5pm Saturday
  • Dinner Friday night hosted by the Kindred Farm Team.
  • Breakfast Saturday morning hosted by the Kindred Farm Team.
  • Lunch on Saturday hosted by the Kindred Farm Team.
  • Two packages include lodging at The Kindred Barn.

Thrive 2025 FAQs

This sounds amazing. But what if I don’t have ADHD (or don’t have an official diagnosis)?

Great question. In short, using your whole brain is good for everyone. Many people without ADHD are struggling with ADHD symptoms. If you find that you struggle to focus, keep picking up your phone and don't know why, have more to do than time to do it, or struggle to create a clear plan in the midst of the chaos, Thrive 2025 would be excellent for you too! 


Are there any other people who would benefit specifically from whole brain planning?


Three types of people benefit the most. 

1. People who are highly creative, have a million ideas a minute and get distracted.

2. People who need support through an overwhelming season. This could be due to neurodiversity, a stressful season of life, or even grief. 

3. People who want to get to the next level. If you have a dream but your plate is already full, you will love learning the skill of finding time.


Do you guarantee success?

Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee success for any particular person.

After my experience being a therapist for people recovering from brain injury, I cannot unsee what I have seen. Every brain truly is different, and results will vary based on ability and effort. 



Is this just ADHD Coaching repackaged?

Think Time incorporates things that are helpful for all ADHD brains: mindfulness, awareness, creativity, life design, healthy boundaries, energy management, living on purpose, gratitude, etc... However, the unique angle that Think Time brings is filtering it all through the visual system in the brain...so you can finally see what you have going on.


I don’t consider myself a business leader. Would I still benefit from this event? 

This event is for anyone who is serious about making the most of your time. Think Time helps students, parents, grandparents, CEOs, VPs, entrepreneurs, pastors, counselors, non-profit founders, ministry leaders and more get their brain on your team so you can live your dreams.


I am coming in from out of town. Any recommendations for local lodging?

If you select The Couples Package or the Biz Bestie package, you may stay onsite. Otherwise my top recommendations are a local farmstead AirBNB or hotel in Spring Hill (20-30 minutes away.)


I have been wanting to start planning for the year ahead, but didn’t know where to start. Would this event be helpful for me?


Erin, a teacher, said, "I had never really learned how to plan for my life. Think Time teaches me how to plan." 


I have my own process of annual planning for my business. Would this still be helpful for me? 


So often we create clear goals for our money, our work, and the gym. And, not coincidentally, it is in these places that we get results. Think Time will help you take create clarity across your life as a whole and find the perfect balance you are looking for so you can get results you want in relationships, in healthy, in family, in personal growth, service, and more!

I hope you'll join me in Tennessee!
So you can Thrive in 2025!

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Thrive 2025 Package

  • Undated Think Time Planner for 2025
  • 24 hour getaway 1 hour south of Nashville in a lovely barn on a remote flower farm
  • Guided Think Time Yearly Dream Planning Sessions with Christine Wilson
  • Guided Program and Dream Planning 5pm-9pm Friday and 9am-5pm Saturday
  • Private Chef dinner Friday night
  • Private Chef lunch on Saturday (yum)
  • Lodging not included.

You don't have to wonder where the time went anymore!

Join us at Thrive so you can make the most of 2025!


We exist to help you fulfill your unique purpose by living your dreams.

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