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Client Agreement and Rights for utilization of Emotion Code / Body Code Energy Healing

Thank you for your interest in working with Alix Sabatelli Rager, either for yourself, your child or for your animal, whichever is applicable. Alix Sabatelli Rager is providing you with the following information so you can make an informed choice about your decision to engage her services for in-person sessions or via distance by telephone or another electronic platform, whichever is applicable. Please read this information carefully and let Alix Sabatelli Rager know if there is any part you do not understand.


1. Services Offered
Alix Sabatelli Rager offers her services as an unlicensed complementary and alternative health care practitioner under Nevada's NRS Chapter 629 Healing Arts Generally, and Act AB295 She is certified practitioner who uses in her practice an innovative energy-balancing system called The Emotion Code/The Body Code (the “EC/BC System”) which is considered part of the field of Healing Arts . Alix Sabatelli Rager specializes in using the EC/BC System to help her clients deal with the stress of chronic health conditions, navigate life transitions and to experience overall health and well-being. Alix Sabatelli Rager's intent is to support clients in releasing emotional baggage and negative thoughts, limiting beliefs, and mental and emotional obstacles that could be holding them back from living the life they desire.


2. Emotion Code / Body Cody System - Theoretical Approach
The EB/BC System was developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson (Chiropractor, ret.) and is designed to allow the practitioner and client to communicate directly with the client’s subconscious mind to correct energy imbalances for the purpose of releasing trapped energy and to help restore health and well-being. According to Dr. Bradley, many people have a Heart-Wall, a wall protecting or blocking the heart made up of trapped emotional energy. This system is designed to bring to the surface issues of which an individual may have no conscious memory of. It uses muscle testing to discern the information and a magnet as a tool to release trapped energy, including clearing the Heart-Wall. The theory of energy-balancing methods such as the EC/BC System is that the flow and balance of the body’s electromagnetic and more subtle energies are important for physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health, and for fostering well-being. If you ever have questions or concerns about the EC/BC System, please feel free to ask Alix Sabatelli Rager for further resources or references.

The EC/BC System is based on the personal observations and experiences of Dr. Nelson. Consequently, although the EC/BC System appears to have promising physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health benefits, it has yet to be researched by the Western academic, medical, and psychological communities. Therefore, the EC/BC System is considered experimental, and the extent of its effectiveness, as well as its risks and benefits, are not fully known. The practice of the EB/BC System is self-regulated, and no state in the United States licenses Emotion Code or Body Code practitioners and considers the EC/BC System to be an alternative or complementary approach to health and wellness.


3. Nature of the Relationship
By signing this Agreement, you understand that Alix Sabatelli Rager is only offering her services as a Certified Emotion Code and Body Code Practitioner. She is not a physician, psychologist, psychotherapist, veterinarian, or other licensed health care provider, nor are her services licensed by the state of Nevada. Under Nevada's NRS Chapter 629.580 Healing Arts Generally, Alix Sabatelli Rager can offer her services as an unlicensed complementary and alternative health care practitioner, subject to the requirements and restrictions that are described fully therein.

In addition, you understand that as a Certified Emotion Code and Body Code Practitioner, Alix Sabatelli Rager does not provide any medical, veterinary, psychological, or any other licensed health care advice, opinion, or service. She does not diagnose, treat, or cure any disease, condition, or other physical or mental ailment. While the EC/BC System is intended for “healing”, it is not to be construed that the use of the EC/BC System is the practice of medicine, veterinary medicine, psychology, psychotherapy, or other licensed health care practice. Instead, the EC/BC System is designed to assist a client in releasing trapped energy and to restore balance and energetic flow in the body; thereby creating the opportunity for the mind/body to heal naturally. You understand there is a distinction between “healing” using the EC/BC System and the practice of medicine, veterinary medicine, psychology, psychotherapy, or any other licensed health care practice. Therefore, your relationship with Alix Sabatelli Rager is not to be construed as psychotherapy, psychological counseling, medical/veterinary treatment, or any type of therapy.

4. Limitations of the Practice & the Emotion Code/Body Code System
You understand the services Alix Sabatelli Rager offers and the use of the EC/BC System are not intended to be a substitute for medical, veterinary, or psychological diagnosis or treatment, and they do not replace the services of licensed health care professionals. If your session is for you personally, you agree and understand it is your responsibility to consult with your licensed health care provider for any specific health care problems. If your session is for your animal, you agree to consult with your animal’s veterinarian for any specific health care problems. Further, if your session is for you personally, you understand that any information shared during a session is not to be considered a recommendation that you stop seeing any of your licensed health care professionals or using prescribed medication, if any, without consulting with your licensed health care professional, even if after working with Mary Rice it appears and indicates that such medication or treatment is unnecessary. In addition, if your session is for your animal, you understand that any information shared during a session is not to be considered a recommendation that your animal stops seeing his/her veterinarian or using prescribed medication, if any, without consulting with your veterinarian, even if after working with Alix Sabatelli Rager it appears and indicates that such medication or treatment is unnecessary. 

While the EC/BC System is designed to allow communication directly with your subconscious mind, you understand that any findings Alix Sabatelli Rager communicates to you during a session are only a suggestion. Therefore, if during a session your subconscious mind indicates a need for a particular supplement, herb, mineral, cleanse, etc. or indicates the presence of a particular pathogen, etc., it is only a suggestion of what may be needed and what may be wrong and also the suggestion may be in error. Consequently, you understand and agree it is your responsibility to verify any findings communicated to you during a session by Alix Sabatelli Rager directly with your licensed health care provider(s). 

5. Outcome Expectations/Risks & Benefits
While clients report positive outcomes in using Alix Sabatelli Rager's services, please note that it’s not possible to guarantee any specific results, and it’s unknown how you or your animal, whichever is applicable, will respond to using the EC/BC System. However, Alix Sabatelli Rager will work with you or your animal, whichever is applicable, to achieve the best possible results. Participation in sessions can result in a number of benefits to you or your animal, including improved health and well-being and resolution of the specific concerns that led you to seek consultation for yourself or your animal.

Although the Emotion Code is considered gentle and non-invasive, it’s possible in your sessions, or on your own between sessions, to experience some physical discomfort or emotional distress that can be perceived as negative. It’s also possible to experience some emotional distress and physical discomfort related to upsetting or stressful experiences you may have had earlier in your life. Unresolved memories may also surface and emotional material may continue to surface after a session and give an indication of other issues or incidents that may need to be addressed. After a session, you may experience a processing period of generally 1-2 days when the body is rebalancing itself. Some clients report feeling better, relaxed and a little tired, and some clients report experiencing emotional ups and downs, sleeplessness, or a need for extra sleep. Occasionally, some clients have experienced dizziness, nausea, or anxiousness as occasional side-effects from energy balancing work. You agree to promptly inform Mary Rice if you experience any emotional distress and/or physical discomfort during a session or between sessions. If appropriate, she can help refer you to an appropriate licensed care provider for further assistance. 

6. Client Rights
As Alix Sabatelli Rager's client, you have the following rights:
 - You have the right to reasonable notice of changes in services or charges;
 - You have the right to complete and current information concerning the practitioner’s assessment and recommended services that are being provided, including the expected duration of the services to be provided;
 - You have the right to expect courteous treatment and to be free from verbal, physical, or sexual abuse by the practitioner;
 - You have the right that your records and transactions with the practitioner are confidential, unless the release of these records is authorized in writing by you, or otherwise provided by law;
 - You have the right to be allowed access to records and written information from records in accordance with sections 144.291 to 144.298;
 - You have the right to information about other services that may be available in the community, including where information concerning services is available;
 - You have the right to choose freely among available practitioners and to change practitioners after services have begun, within the limits of health insurance, medical assistance, or other health program;
 - You have the right to coordinated transfer when there is to be a change in the provider of services;
 - You have the right to refuse services or treatments, unless otherwise provided by law; and
 - You have the right to assert your rights without retaliation.


7. Cancellations 
Scheduling of appointments involves the reservation of time specifically for you. Therefore, once an appointment is scheduled, you will be expected to pay for it unless you provide 24 hours’ advance notice of cancellation. If you miss a session without canceling, or cancel with less than 24 hours’ notice, you must pay for that session in full by the time of your next session unless both Alix Sabatelli Rager and you agree that you were unable to attend due to circumstances out of your control. 


Acknowledgment and Consent to Receive Services
By signing (via checkbox) this document, you agree that Alix Sabatelli Rager has disclosed to you sufficient information to enable you to decide to engage or not engage her services. You have considered all of the above information and have obtained whatever information or professional advice you deem necessary to make an informed decision. Further, by signing this document, you attest that you have received the Client's Rights as set forth in Paragraph 6 above.


You understand that your consent to the nature of your session(s) is given voluntarily, without coercion, and may be withdrawn at any time in the future. You represent that you are competent and able to understand the nature and consequences of the proposed session(s) and agree to be personally responsible for the fees related thereto. 


You understand the EC/BC System is a relatively new health care approach and the extent of its effectiveness, as well as its risks and benefits are not fully known. Therefore, you agree to assume and accept full responsibility for any and all risks associated with using the EC/BC System. Further, you agree and understand that this Agreement is intended to be a complete unconditional release of liability and assumption of risk to the greatest extent permitted by law.


Any and all matters in dispute between the parties to this Agreement, whether arising from or relating to this Agreement itself, or arising from alleged extra-contractual facts prior to, during, or subsequent to this Agreement, including, without limitation, fraud, misrepresentation, negligence or any other alleged tort or violation of the contract, shall be governed by, construed, and enforced in accordance with the laws of State of Nevada, without regard to conflicts of law doctrines and regardless of the legal theory upon which such matter is asserted. This Agreement shall be binding upon you and your heirs and legal representative(s). 


By signing (via checkbox above), you knowingly and voluntarily assume these risks and agree to irrevocably release, indemnify, hold harmless and defend Alix Sabatelli Rager, her employees, agents, representatives, and consultants from and against any and all claims of whatsoever kind or nature, which you, or your heirs or legal representative(s), may have for any loss, damage, or injury, including without limitation, physical, emotional, mental, financial, legal, or personal arising out of or in connection with your session(s).