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This Program Is For You If You...

Are exhausted from expectations and want to define your own measurements of success.

Want to experience a deeper connection and understanding of yourself

Are in the “what am I doing with my life” phase and want to work past it to find real purpose

Have been living on autopilot (maybe you haven’t even realized it) and are ready to shake up your daily routine

Are ready to get support moving through your transformation

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Here’s A Breakdown of Each Module:

Module 1:


First things first, you’re going to learn how to reduce societal and personal limiting beliefs and expectations because you longer have time for that! You’ll explore your current mindset, identify cultural conditioning and expectations, and learn to leverage various tools to shift your mindset and expectations.

Module 2:


You’ll tap into your sensuality (and no, sensuality is not sex—we’ll also cover that) and connect your sense to your body. This is how you’ll identify what you like, don’t like, and crave more of so you can start living in alignment.

Module 3:


Before you can fully live in alignment, you need to identify your values. You’ll get clear on YOUR values, not what you think you’re “supposed” to value. Once you’re clear on those values, you’ll learn how to best nurture them and honor them to live your truth.

Module 4:


It’s time to design your life, boo! You’ll know how to develop a framework for the way you want to bring fulfillment into your life. You’ll learn how to set SMART goals, set boundaries, practice mindfulness techniques, and more to implement your intentional framework.

Module 5:

Congratulations! You've Completed Vitality!

You did the damn thing! And that calls for a celebration, of course! We’ll also cover how you can further develop yourself to make sure these techniques stick for life.

But wait,

there’s more!

The LIVE Option Includes:

Live Coaching and Q&A sessions

We’ll kick off with a welcome and closing call, including 6 coaching and Q&A sessions in between (cause lets be real, we busy).

Guest Experts

  You’ll get hot takes from guest experts in the industry about the importance of making yourself a priority

Private member-only community

Between calls, the community will be a place for you to connect with other students and share wins to hold each other accountable.

Unlimited Voxer voice and message support

You, me, for 8-weeks in our own Voxer chat working through all the mindset blocks so you can lean into your best life


Each module will have supporting resources and worksheets to make sure you’re immersing yourself in the work.

Optional UPGRADE!

Upgrade/Add On: Add one 1:1 coaching session for just $149 on the checkout page!

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